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Roleplay Spotlight #11

Started by Triskele
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It's Monday! Time for Spotlight #11, and this week TESOF is very happy to feature the following story and biography:


*Story: "Days Passing" by @Slypstream

"A day on a market in Daggerfall..."

*Biography: "Danaris Pernelle" by @Danaris

"A young Bosmer, after treasure..."


Congratulations to the winners, and we see you next week!

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Congrats to you both! Well earned.

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Congratulations! @Danaris & @Slypstream

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Congratulations! You both deserve it!

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Congrats to both of you :D

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AHHH OMG I never thought I would get this :) Thank you

Danaris- Wood Elf Mage
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Congratulations guys

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Congratulations people, you both earned it!

Vlos Hithern

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Congrats to both of you.

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Wow, thanks guys!! Didn't think I would make it!! I'm still glad I did!! Thanks all!!


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