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Roleplay Subforum

Started by Sienna
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I would like to suggest a subforum on the Roleplay section of TESOF for non-TES roleplay threads. There are currently a few on the Off-Topic section that I don't think really fit there. Maybe if they were to have their own subforum, they would be better off.

Just an idea.

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I really like this idea, it would probably work really well.

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I believe the issue may be that TESOF is primarily for The Elder Scrolls Online and everything related to it, rather than a multi-RP forum. While it may be nice to have a subforum or board for many things; non-TES RPs, TV discussion, general gaming groups, computer hardware support... ultimately it would in a way dilute TESOF's original purpose.

If members wish to form new RPs that are not related to TES, but want their own area dedicated to it, there are plenty of RP-focused websites floating about on the internet for all sorts of different universes.

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I think that is true enough, but no offense to some of those other sites, and in fact to compliment this site I have to admit I have gone to some of them and there set up is just not nearly as appealing to the eyes or as easy and functional to navigate for the most part. Also it is hard cause I think a lot of us want to stay within the community and the people we have grown use to for lack of a better term we want to stay within our own little family we have found here and it is really hard to move all that to another site and honestly just probably wouldn't work.

I guess I am saying I see that both sides have a point. I do personally think it would be nice to have a sub-forum or something devoted to that so we can stay within a site we have grown use to with a community we love and from what I have seen one of the more appealing if not most appealing forums in the way everything is so easy and accessible. I also do see it being something that could end up little more than a distraction or something that dilutes from the sites original purpose.

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