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Roleplaying Community and Beta Testing

Started by Mogar
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Have you ever wanted more out of a game? A bit more immersion? Something that will make your favorite game feel a like a true adventure. Well that is what we are working towards with our community. The New Society is the community I speak of. We at the New Society will work towards creating this community within ESO. Here is a little bit about what we intend on doing in ESO.

"The New Society is a gaming community of friends who wish to play various games together as well as to improve on those games by creating an extra dimension of gaming.
The New Society in ESO will consist of many guilds working to create an in depth roleplaying atmosphere for the better enjoyment of ESO.

The War Effort:
The key aspect of ESO is the warring factions. In the New Society guilds that share the same faction will all be grouped as one organization. This organization will have a leader. The leader will be determined through guild strength, politics, and some other possible factors. The leader of the faction will be considered the commanding general for the war effort. All guild leaders will be commanders of their own personal armies, but they must obey the orders of the faction commander. The faction commander will make decisions on the battlefield (ie, sending what guild to what location, issuing logistics orders, etc) the guild leaders will take the initial order (attack Keep A) and implement them however he sees fit. Disobeying the faction Commander can have dire political repercussions as he may cut off faction assets or issue punishments.

Guilds will be registered as one of two types
Combat: Combat guilds will be focused on the war effort and the player focus will be on PVP
Support: Support guilds will be focused on PvE and may help with the war effort however they see fit. This may be an emphasis on politics or supplying other guilds with much needed equipment.
Both types of guilds will be able to perform combat and noncombat roles as they see fit. This is just an organization in order to make the overall goals of the guilds defined easily for future members for recruitment purposes. Possible benefits may be created for focused efforts."

As for the beta, several members of our community have been invited into the beta this weekend. We will all be playing together all this weekend in order to get a better feel for the game and help the developers test the game and improve it. As beta testers we know that this is not early access to try out a game, but to partake in much needed testing of the game and the servers. We welcome you to join us on our teamspeak as we venture into this new world! If you like us and wish to better your experiences in ESO please consider joining our community. We are all mature gamers who put the enjoyment of the game ahead of stats and ranks. As a final note, the New Society is a free community, we are in no way trying to sell you anything and we are supported 100% by funding.

So check us out at thenewsociety.enjin .com/
(dont forget to remove the space before the .com

Founder of the New Society.
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