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Rough Mathimatical Estimates

Started by Norotom
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
So given the forums faction/race survey I have put together a basic formula that allows us to get a rough number concerning the total number of people going a certain race. (keeping in mind that this is based solely off of the Facebook page rounding the 953K likes up too one Million)

(Forum Survey Race Quantity/ Total of people in survey) x 1,000,000= # per race

This formula is bound to be faulty, but is the best I can given how long it will be before the actual release of the game.

-Aldmeri dominion
Altmer pop. = 102,355.8
Bosmer pop. = 114,541.0
Khajit pop. = 83,671.8

-Daggerfall Covenant
Breton pop. = 108,854.6
Orc pop. = 65,800.0
Redguard pop. = 87,733.5

-Ebonheart Pact
Argonian pop. = 81,234.8
Dunmer pop. = 150,284.3
Nord pop. =205,524.0

I hope these statistics are helpful, and if I have made you feel small and insignificant then my work is done.

*these exact numbers are liable to change from now until the TBA release date of both the Beta and the Real Deal
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Very nice matching the data collected regarding race to the number of likes on the Facebook page to bring us more information regarding what the populations are going to be like.

One thing I'd like to throw in is that the number of Nords will most likely double due to the casual fandom that will most likely join once TESO releases and becomes popular. The number of players in each alliance and race is also going to change based on the fact that many players will be creating more than one account.

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