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RP Idead A Haunting Adventure

Started by Roxxie_Silver
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I have an idead for a game, but unsure if anyone would be interested so here goes. …

A Hauntign Adventure: He sat in the corner of the Red Rose Inn sipping a mug of mead and shovign tobaco into his wooden pipe. His face hid by the brim of his hat. Black boots proped up on the wooden table. The Inn was a real hole, but it was the perfect place for the sort of people his boss was looking for. It was run down, and the paint was peeling. It sat on a lonly road that forked in the directions of skyrim, cyrodil, and morrowind. To be honest he wasn’t even whose boarders he was in, but then again he didn’t care. He was lookign for travelers…no advntures who wanted to make a quick buck and didn’t care what they were gettign into.

His boss lord Banthier was a collector of oddities. He had a knack for aquiering items that seemed a bit…bizzar to most. This tiem his collection was leading to a place even Collin would not dare enter. A forest black as night even durign the day. Filled with creatures one only heard about in bedtiem tales ment to scare children into never enterign the place. Lord Banthier wasn’t even sure what the advanture would brign him. He had hear tales of shrunken heads, blades made from humane bones, even petrified half breeded animals. Whatever it was he wanted it and was illign to pay a great deal for a group to enter the forest to get it for him.

Collins job was to put the party together, give them the details and map, and head back to lord banthier sendign the group to aquier the item. Each individual woudl be paid 500 gold upfront and another 3000 upon delivering whatever the trip yeilded. No matter what had been collected.
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