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RP Potential

Started by Denatus
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So I'd love to hear some opinions here, what do you think the potential for RP in TESO is like? I mean in the game as it has been announced, not the world itself.

I love probing MMO's for that game with some extra potential for RP, unfortunately they seem to be 1 in a million lately. Really any MMO though has potential with patches coming in and so on to expand. I love the Elder Scrolls background, it's ripe for some great RP but curious if this game would live up to that and would love to hear what other people think so far about all the announcements up until now?
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I have to say, it has the enormous potential comparing it to other MMOs. Considering what they've confirmed (the gravity of decisions and how they affect the rest of the game, fully complete voice-overs, and first person (these are just a few things, there are plenty more)).

I have to say, TESO will be a roleplayer's paradise!

Zirik Helbain - Dunmer
Mordynak Ashwing - Breton Mage
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