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Rping as an Ayleid

Started by Thorfinn
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I was recently running through a character idea, a Bosmer barbarian with daedric leanings. He ended up sounding quite like an Ayleid.

What are your opinions on Rping an Ayleid? UESP claims that there may still be isolated pockets of them living in forested area's around Tamriel during the second era, so they are around, but obviously there are other problems.

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If you're referring to RPing an Ayleid in-game, I'd imagine it would have the same issues found in other games which is RPing as a race you are mechanically not. It is possible for wild naked Ayleids to be running amuck like sasquatch thus making them possible characters; but you would have those who would accept you and those who would not.

Personally it's not something I would do as there'd be too many issues involving acceptance of the character and the visual oddity involved when RPing a ayleid when you're actually another race of mer. A bosmer barbarian who is influenced by daedra is a plausible character and can be fun to play without being an ayleid.

If you're refering to forum RP however then there would be no problem.

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