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Ruro Ara

Started by Miasmador
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
First name: Ruro

Second name: Ara

Race: Redguard

Gender: Female

Age: 70

Looks: She is a small redguard only about two meters tall, with wispy gray hair that often blows around her face in an untamed way and she often has it in an untidy bun, held up by a paintbrush. She has many wrinkles, a constant half smile and laugh lines, giving her a friendly, welcoming look. She wears a tunic and leggings made of deer hide, both stained with paints of every colour. She isn't fat but had a small amount of spare flesh, giving her a well fed look. Her face over the years has become quite square and her eyes wide. The only strange thing about her is her eyes are completely white yet she can see as well as anyone else.

Occupation: Shield painter/sigil maker. Young adventurer? Come to me for a sigil! All adventurers and knights should have one and so should you! So come to me to have your unique sigil painted on your shield today! For a cheap price of ten gold.

Backstory: I was brought up by a group of merchants and befriended by a young boy called Gharik. Gharik had dreamed of being a nobles son, a knight one day. He had always dreamed of having his own sigil... I desperately wanted for him to have one so one day I rummaged in our wares and found some coloured ink, a quill and a pen. I set about making him a sigil immediately, loving every moment. When I gave him the scrap of paper his face lit up. I had drawn a roaring, black bear on a checked shield of green and yellow. I had also put his motto, 'Never run away from things that do not scare you.' at the bottom and 'House Gilimont' at the top as he was Gharik Gilimont. I got into so much trouble for taking those things, they found out by the ink splotches on my hand. How me and Gharik laughed afterwards! The next day we were attacked by a group of bandits and the merchants told us to run. We did, but not before I had grabbed a shield and two swords. We hid in the bushes, trembling until the sounds of fighting died away. When we came out of the bushes everyone had been killed. We took food and other supplies, at the last moment I took the paints, inks, paper, quills, paintbrushes and as many shields as I could carry. That night I painted on a shield Gharik's sigil and gave it to him. We managed to survive together, him doing small jobs in the cities and I would sell the shields, painting requested sigils on it and also creating new sigils that I would sell. When we were twenty we decided we had to stop moving and settle so, with the gold I had earned over the years I managed to buy a shop. It was a beautiful little thing, nestled in the heart of the Imperial City, I don't know how I afforded it! It was quite run down when we got it and as Gharik repaired it I earned more money by doing the same thing as I had always done, making sigils for people and putting them on shields, if they wanted, of course for an extra price. Finally he repaired it fully, we got all the furniture, carpets, rugs and the sign. We called it, 'The painted page.' The day we got managed to hang it up, the day the Painted Page became an official shop, he admitted his feelings for me, the next week we were married. And so I have worked at the Painted Page for years now, our grandchildren running in and out of the door and getting in the way of customers. We had five children! And most of them went on to have nine children of their own! And the Gilimont sigil has always been that bear.

Challenges:Well, for one these children are immensely tiring! They're constantly getting in the way of customers! Though I do love them really, I admit, I'm running out of bedtime stories, and these forty five children are always hungry for more stories! Also, with my old age it's getting harder to keep up with the steady flow of jobs. I'm sure we could retire but I do love doing this... And i've had this job for more than thirty years! I think I might pass it on to little Liria, she's ten and already showing potential! I can't sell the shop, it has too many memories so yes, I think I will pass it on to Liria.

Best memory: Oh let me think... I've had so many good memories its hard to think of the best one. Probably Gharik Gilimont - my husband now - proposing to me under the new sign of the Painted Page with the bright moonlight shining down us.

Worst memory: I don't really have one... There was always something good about the situation. I don't have any.

Political opinions: Oh I'm too old for a this political stuff, though it does bring a lot more mercenaries and young soldiers in, wanting their own sigils and painted shields for when they go to battle.

Religious views: Oh the eight have blessed me well and I pray to them every week! I like to pray in the chapel, it's a beautiful place, you should visit it, and I always pick a bunch of eight flowers to leave as an offering.
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