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Rusty Nails Adventurers [Roleplaying EU]

Started by Eglamore
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You hear one of many bards, telling the tale of adventurers so bold, with a heroic achievement as a goal. Knights clad in shining armor, saving the damsels in distress, dungeoneers with torch and steel, deepest of dungeons and fierce beasts they witness. 'Tis the Rusty Nails the bard tell about, bravest of heroes, all the rascals and scoundrels they fought!

The Rusty Nails Adventurers is a guild with a stereotypical adventuring theme, with a bit of Monty Python-like humor added to it! Clumpsy, foolish adventurers, failing miserably with most of theirs tasks. But yet they don't give up hope, but continue to brag about their glorious adventures!

The Rusty Nails is currently looking for new, bold adventurers to participate in their ventures of glory, anyone of all races and backgrounds are allowed to join, but keep in mind - the Rusty Nails are mainly of good alignment! But anyone who enjoys the taste of adrenaline and adventuring can get in.

Toss a whisper to Sir Eglamore in order to join the guild!

[Image: 23mofpf.jpg]
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