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S'rendarr's Mercy - Part I

Started by Lurgahk
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"This one does not think we should make this journey. What if we do not find a healer in time? Would you not want to die here, in your homeland, among your people?" Do'kroza spoke slowly, knowing this question would only bring further fear into the hearts of his family. An eerie, excruciating silence overtook the room. The fur under his armor raised to a prickly point, as a chill ran down his spine. How unfortunate that he would have to utter something like this to his own father...

All of his family were side by side, prepared to make a perilous journey in the hopes of saving his father, and all wore ripped pieces of burlap sacks around their neck, in the hopes of preventing themselves from catching the sickness that had consumed their people.

Do'kroza was adorned in an unattractive set of chainmail armor. It's original white polish had been worn to a dirtied grey, and the once pristine, golden trim had rusted into a discolored brown. It was littered in scratches and dents, clearly not newly crafted by the hands of an armorsmith. A sword sat sheathed on his hip, with Do'kroza's furry hands resting on the hilt, while a battered shield was bound to his back by a leather strap. Do'kroza himself did not seem to be too extraordinary.

Do'kroza looked down, avoiding his father's gaze. Part of him wished this silence would simply end, he could barely take the anxiety. He had been under way too much stress as of recent late. Clumps of his dark blonde fur sat on top of his head, presumably ripped off his scalp out of frustration, and the dark bags under his green eyes showed the Khajiit's advanced level of fatigue.

"Do not give up hope on me just yet, my cub. I still have a bit of fight left in these bones." His father spoke with a raspy voice, while lying in a simple wagon, suited with feathers and grass to keep him comfortable. His father was S'rein, and all his life he had been nothing more than a simple merchant. Just like Do'kroza, he was born under the moons as a Suthay-Raht. S'rein was not a physically imposing Khajiit, and due to the Knahaten Flu, his arms seemed even scrawnier than usual, but even then he grasped his wife's hand with an unfaltering strength. His wife was none other than Do'Rita, a towering Cathay-Raht warrior, covered from head to toe in an unassuming set of plate armor..On her back was a greatsword, even larger than she. Do'kroza's mother valued strength above all. Why then, would she choose a frail Khajiit like S'rein to spend her life with was unknown to Do'kroza. Not a single tear rolled down her cheek as she watched her husband deteriorate. Only a hopeful, resilient expression was plastered on her face, yet it had been days since she had last spoken.

Sitting on the ground behind Do'Rita, was Ja'Dal. The moons had plans for Ja'Dal, and birthed her under a time in which none other of her family was born, an Alfiq. Her fur was blonde, the color of Elsweyr's sand, and her deep blue eyes watched her father curiously as her tale slumped against the dusty ground, while her ears perked up towards the sky, listening intently to the conversations of the family. Since she herself did not have fingers, the tiny fabric that would be used to prevent her from catching the flu, was tied around her mouth to keep it from slipping off.

No more words were spoken amongst the family as currently, Do'kroza and S'rein were the only ones who could speak. The young male lifted his eyes to meet his mother's, and she looked at him with a glare, presumably to hide the sorrow she felt in her heart. He nodded, as did she. Ja'Dal then leapt onto the wagon, curling up next to her father.

Do'kroza released a reluctant sigh, then spoke. "I will take the first shift." He moved towards the front of the wagon, and grabbed the two bars that would normally be on the sides of a horse, and began pulling his father and sister along the beaten path, with Do'Rita close behind.

Do'kroza looked towards the sky and whispered a prayer. "S'rendarr, grant us mercy."

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