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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Hephaestus.
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Website: (Newly Redone)
Guild Charter:
Forums: (New)
VoIP: TeamSpeak3
TESO Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
Players Wanted: (Crafters/PVPers) (All Classes)

History of Sabotage

Born from the ashes of necessity Sabotage was originally started with a group of friends who enjoyed playing games together after a long days work and inbetween family time. And over the years we have played multiple games from Guild Wars, Darkfall 1.0/2.0 to Tera and some others in between. The vision behind Sabotage was to have a place where other gamers like yourself who enjoyed PVP or any other type of game could have a place to gather. A place where it didn’t matter if you had crazy aiming skills or didn’t play 24/7 but enjoyed gaming.

Mission Statement

Sabotage is a multi-gaming guild of like minded mature individuals , united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience. We don’t put a huge emphasis on a age requirement because sometimes that can be misleading when it comes to maturity. We mainly look for a mature relaxed and laid back gamer, yet serious when required, friendly and willing to help others and above all tolerant and willing to compromise when needed. Sabotage above all, wants to keep gaming for what it is intended for ” FUN AND ENJOYMENT” .Guild rules, and structure are an added element which serves to enhance the game play of players. But when being part of a guild becomes laborious, when it starts to feel more like a second job then it’s no longer fun anymore. Our goal is to create & maintain such a structure that we are able to keep the fun in the guild while avoiding over-zealous, senseless rules that do not reflect our founding principles.

While being part of Sabotage is meant to fun and laid back, we expect all our members to treat each other in an honorable and respectful manner at all times. While we acknowledge that human relations are never perfect and that tensions between members will arise from time-to-time, we prefer that conflicts are handled at the lowest possible level, with officer intervention only when all other options have been exhausted. Also, we will not tolerate “unnecessary drama” from our members: while we will always strive to protect the rights of our individual members, we will not allow any single person to hinder the enjoyment of the collective guild. The goal of the Sabotage Gaming is to provide a fun and relaxing environment where gamer’s can find like-minded individuals to enjoy the MMO gaming experience. We are a casual guild with some hardcore elements. We pvp, plan events, do all the stuff hardcore guilds do but in a casual way, we don’t claim to be elitist or Uber, we work full-time, businesses, and have families, but we also spend a whole lot of time in-game too.

Guild Structure

Sabotage has implemented a guild organizational structure. The objective of this has three purposes:

1.) To provide a way for players of all ranks to advance in guild position as a reward for loyalty and performance
2.) As players advance as part of the community, they have increasing influence on the direction of Sabotage
3.) Player growth through this system ensures long term stability and continual improvement of Sabotage, which is ultimately to the benefit of all its members

Following is a list of guild ranks, terms, and responsibilities:


All new applicants are given this rank, and maintain it until completion of a 2 week trial period. . At the end of the trial period, the Officers, Senior Officers and GM will have a majority vote to either promote the Initiate to Member or give the Initiate the opportunity to leave the guild. Initiates have no responsibilities other than to follow guild rules. Event participation is encouraged.


A member shall remain at member status, until they are recognized by Officers and GM for outstanding actions and services towards the guild. A member has basic powers in the guild, they participate in guild discussion, and in guild meetings, etc. Guild members of all ranks, are expected to uphold all of the guild rules.


Veterans are members who have been active and have proven their selves to be a valued member of Sabotage. They have basic powers as a member, as well as the power to recruiting, but are are unable to eject a member, they can recommend ejection proving that Guild rules were broken. Veteran’s are expected to inform new recruitment’s of the guild rules. Veterans, are also expected to follow all rules, be willing to jump into action when asked by others for assistance. Promotion to Veteran status is a majority vote by Officers. More significantly, Veterans are now considered eligible to be Officers.


An Officer is a rank which is above your Veteran position. They have the power to recruit new members, also can remove members, but will need the approval of another Officer or GM. They also assists the Senior Officer in general running of the Guild. An Officer is expected to inform the new recruitment’s of the guild rules, remain active in the guild, as well as help out whenever possible. Of course, they are also expected to uphold all the rules of the guild. Officers who choose to step down from their responsibilities are honorably discharged, given Veteran status. A Veteran is then chosen to assume the vacant Officer position.


A Senior Officer is an Officer whom has been a long standing member of the guild, who has shown true strength, and leadership. Assist GM as needed, oversees their group in the Guild. Handles issues…should they arise. Their decisions and actions are not questioned by GM.


The Boss


We welcome anyone looking for a place to hand out and meet some cool people. Our recruitment application is friendly and fairly simple. So whether you have been playing MMOs for years or if this is your first guild, Sabotage welcomes ALL who share a passion for gaming in a productive environment.

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