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Saerre dej Dynastus

Started by bvperon
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Firstname Saerre (pronounced sah-YERRE)

Surname dej Dynastus

Sex Female

Race Altmer

Age 153

Occupation Dwemer Researcher

Faction Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance Saerre’s appearance is dependent on context. In the context of obligatory social meanderings (which she does her best to avoid), she will be dressed nicely but unremarkably in a well-tailored dress, her wavy reddish-blonde hair falling down past her shoulders. Her smile will be polite, though not particularly interested. If you find her while she is working, however, you’ll see her in supple pants and a hooded jacket of fine cloth, brimming with enchantments. Her hair will be secured away from her face, and she will be wearing a belt which supports several lumpy pouches. She may be wearing a small headlamp glowing with mage light. She probably will not notice you.

Personality Intense, often distant, and socially awkward. Nevertheless, she is generally well-meaning and can be helpful if you can get her attention.

Social Background/Backstory Saerre’s background is rather unremarkable for an Altmer mage. She was born in the countryside of the Summerset Isles to a reasonably well-off family and, having shown an aptitude for magic, went to study at the Crystal Tower. It was in the libraries there that she came upon a book on Dwemer excavations, and she immediately and irrevocably became fascinated with the topic of Dwemer society and technology. Unravelling the Dwemer mysteries has become the primary focus of her career. A marriage, largely of convenience, to a socially ambitious man has complicated her life with unwanted political maneuverings, but she does her best to avoid politics under the guise of “focusing on her work.”

Best Memory A mild yet subtly spicy tea concoction her grandfather used to make. She has never been able to duplicate it, but can still remember the scent and the long autumn evenings spent drinking it together and saying nothing.

Worst Memory The time she excavated the deepest reaches of a (she thought) previously unexplored Dwemer ruin only to discover Holden Tweedy, the scourge of her noble profession, leaving with chests full of artifacts.

Skills A knack for complex machinery; a clockmaker's precision of movement; an independent and adventurous spirit; curiosity; intense focus and determination; the ability to make magical lights!

Challenges for the Character A general disinterest in social interaction; a difficulty communicating with non-Altmer; tends to blow off or forget obligations to others; a mildly arthritic wrist.

Birthsign The Atronach

Religious Views Gods are a thing, but they don't matter that much.

Politics Views Politics are a thing, but they don't matter that much. Except, yes, it would be great if the Aldmeri Dominion won the war, because non-Altmer are genetically predisposed towards poor decision-making and bad poetry.
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She's interesting! I like how her fondest memory is a cup of tea, haha. Small things like that make a character unique.

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