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Salonilmo Jaerfaere "The Mender" Bio

Started by assassion1778
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname- Salonilmo

Surname- Jaerfaere

Title- The Mender

Sex- Male

Race- Altmer (High Elf)

Age- 28

Occupation- Healer for the Queen's Personal Guard

Favorite Bard Song: Ode to the Queen, Mourning the Dead, Over the Seas and Far Away, and Aldmeri Dominion Eternal

Faction- Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance- Tall, Tan, Sharp Features, Blue Eyes, Thin, Lean, and is clean shaven with a nobles hair style.

Personality- He is a talkative Altmer who enjoys the company of his fellow soldiers and the Queen. He is always jokes and has as many stories to tell as Razum-Dar does.

Best Memory- When he was married to his wife Lucile Vines.

Worst Memory- Having to see Razum-Dar ride into a Argonian Holy Place naked.

Skills- He is a skilled healer and is famous across the land for his abilities.

Challenges for the Character- He thinks that he is the only one who can make a difference and will become upset if he fails at his task.

Birth-sign- The Lady

Religious Views- He praises the divines, but secretly sends a prayer to Meridia when he is in need of help.

Political Views- He believes that Queen Areyn is the rightful heir to the throne, and that the Veiled Heritance is a disgrace to the Altmer.

Personal Hobbies: He is always fighting in the name of the Aldmeri Dominion and is know to keep a detailed Journal of his adventures that he has.

Prologue- Salonilmo Jaerfaere is the 7th son to a High Elf noble who has a pure Altmer bloodline. His father was an advisor to King Hidellith, Salonilmo would go to his father and practice magic and play games such as hide-and-seek with the king's children Princess Areynn and Prince Naemon. He was a close friend to the young Prince and Princess and was a close friend that spent much time with Naemon after Areynn’s disappearance. He soon left the family when he fell in love with a Bosmer named Lucile Vines. His father disowned him for “tainting” the family's bloodline, but little did his father know Naemon gave Salonilmo enough gold to build a fair house in Auridon. Salonilmo and Lucile were happily married 2E 479. A year later Areynn returned and the Kingdom Rejoiced and Salonilmo was able to be reunited with his dear friend Areynn and she met his wife Lucile. When the Aldmeri Dominion was formed Salonilmo was one of the first to enlist in its ranks and was assigned to the Queen’s Honor Guard. This took him away from his dear wife who eventually returned to her homeland of Valenwood from time to time to see her own family, but she always returned to Auridon. Accompanying Areynn on one of her travels to Cyrodiil they were ambushed by Worm Cultist and most of Areynn’s Personal Guard were overwhelmed. With Salonimo’s help him and the Queen escaped but did not make it far on the way back to the Summerset Isles, little did they know Worm Cultist were tracking them and on the night of the attack when they made camp because they were exhausted. They were once again ambushed and “The Mender” was captured alive and taken, but he forced Queen Areynn to flee by using the remaining magika he retained to opened a portal that opened into his home in Auridon. Areynn sent a search party to find Salonilmo, but he was not to be found. He had been thrown into a prison where he was to be sacrificed to Molag Bal, but by his own healing magic he put himself into a coma after he was stabbed that would slow his heart down so he wouldnt die. He was then put on a carriage full of rotting corpse that were to be sent to the Worms Headquarters to be re-animated. He awakened when the Carriage hit a bump and he quickly healed himself fully and was able to slip off the carriage unnoticed. He quickly and swiftly ran back to Auridon on foot and returned home to find his wife at home in mourning. He then went to find the Queen to tell her of his adventure and the island of Auridon Celebrated for a full day at “The Mender’s” return.
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