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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Kino.
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About Sangouzhi
Main Guild Rules
We are Sangouzhi!

We are a PvX Guild, focused on building a capable Legion of players to take on everything Tamriel has to offer. Be it the onslaught of PvP, delving into dungeons deep and caverns old to slay it's masters therein, or enjoying the comradery of others with a drink in hand and a song in our hearts; we are ready to take the field by storm.

We are an Aldmeri Dominion 'only' guild on the US Megaserver, and we have not declared a PvP instance just yet, however we will be making our decision very soon so please stay tuned!

If you're looking for a friendly, professional atmosphere with a Guild who cares about the quality of it's members and not only mass quantity with years of MMO and leadership experience alike you've come to the right place! Please give us 1~2 days to review your application and we will look forward to seeing you in Tamriel!

Our attitudes towards play, and progression are moderately HC, but we will not be running an intense schedule. We want to journey with other players who love the game and lore and who prove themselves to be valuable members of our community. Our ideal candidate is a gaming fan that is dedicated and passionate in what they do, regardless of whether they play 12 hours a week or 60.

We spent more than 6 years playing FFXI together battling in Dynamis, Einherjar, Sea, Sky, etc. For 2 years we soared the skies of Aion and competitively battled in the mighty Dredgion. Another 2 years were spent in Rift both Raiding, and enjoying PvP slaughter. Most recently 2.5 years were spent in FFX|V where in 1.0 we took down rivenroad (hard), and were in the server first 5 groups to defeat Twintania in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Please visit us and fill out an application at

[Image: 5355eb1ec16e4d359f1d53fd.png]
-These rules are guidelines that must be adhered to, but officers reserve the right to change rules with a majority approved reason.
-If a member abuses the rules, the officers reserve the right to remove said member from the guild.
-We will tolerate 0% of: Drama, whiny attitudes, entitlement complexes, general douchebaggery, active trolling, or intentional harassment. Pending severity a warning may be given, repeat offense will incite expulsion from the guild.

I. General Rules
-Discussions of political or religious nature are strictly forbidden in Guild chat, and may be cause for dismissal pending severity of case.
-All Trials will last for a minimum of 2 weeks barring a unanimous vote of leadership. A trial may exceed 2 weeks and take as long as necessary so that we are ensured that both the Trial Member and the Guild are good fits for each other.
-Members must respect each other; we are all friends/family. If a member has an issue with another member, they should resolve it as soon as possible. Do so privately; if that's not possible only then should you bring it to the attention of an officer.
-Members must listen to and carry out the orders of the officers. If a member has an issue with an order, they should resolve it in private messages.
-All drama/bickering is strictly banned from the guild chat. Any disputes, arguments, etc must be handled privately. Anyone breaking this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but punishment can be as severe as removal from the guild pending severity.
-Compose yourself in public chat channels in a respectful fashion. A sense of humor is permitted; outright trolling, abusive language, dickbaggery and asshattery is not permitted.
-Membership to other guilds is allowed, however our schedule will be given priority for PvP and Endgame content. If you are a Full-Member / Raider and you are online during an event time but not with your assigned group or leader you may be subject to removal from the guild.
-Signing up for events via the website is encouraged, but 'not' required. The only times we would consider it a 'requirement' to place an attending status is if you will be late to, or cannot attend a scheduled event which you would be assigned to or expected to attend. You can set a maybe or not attending status via the calendar, or reply to our 'Expected Absences' thread in case of any issue that would prevent you from showing up.

II. PvP Events
-Gather time is dependent on in-game conditions. It is highly suggested that you are ready at least 15 minutes before the start of an organized PvP event, but due to the nature of PvP gathering may occur at a moments notice.
-Spies & Conspirators if found working against the Dominion will not be spared. If a member is found to be communicating positioning or strategic information to other Alliances they will be subject to removal from the guild.
-Be ready to take down the competition! Repair all gear, and bring all relevant consumables needed for events.

III. PvE Events / Raiding
-Gather time is 30 minutes before event start time. On-time attendance is counted 15 minutes before event start time and only counts players who are raid-ready.
-Be respectful of your fellow players time. Repair all gear, and bring all relevant consumables needed for events.
-Members who constantly AFK will receive no attendance for the entire event, and when attendance requirements are set into place this may affect your placement priority.
-Excessive absences outside of players' known work/school/RL schedules should you be assigned to a group or classified as a "Raider" will result in repercussions involving raid priority and possibly membership status.
-To be considered a full-time raiding member, you must be able to maintain a 80% attendance ratio over a 30 day period for scheduled events (When our schedule is posted) and you must be able to perform up to our standards (both quantitative and qualitative).
-Should you be unable to maintain an 80% attendance ratio but your performance warrants retention of guild membership, you will be considered a social / bench member until such time as your attendance improves.
-During Progression status, it is expected for you to be focused and mature during raiding so that all members can perform and execute to the best of their abilities and so that commands are not missed during intense situations. Laughing and enjoying the comradary is part of the experience, but be respectful of your fellow gamer.

IV. Guild Bank & Interior Transactions
-Please keep your advertisements/requests spaced ten minutes apart to avoid spamming in guild chat.
Work out all transaction details through private message instead of over guild chat.
-Trial Members will have deposit access only
-Use both common sense and courtesy when withdrawing items. Core Members are allowed to withdraw the same number of items as they have recently deposited.
-Items withdrawn should be similar in value to the items that a member has recently deposited.
-Please do not withdraw a whole stack of one particular item from the Guild Bank. Leave some available for others.
-Please use common sense and good judgement when swapping items. If you are not sure, just ask an Officer.
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