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Seas of Nirn

Started by Abisu
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Skyrim; a beautiful but hostile land, is locked in the grips of Civil War. Many of Skyrim’s residents have taken up arms against one another in the name of freedom. But if you ask many, the only true freedom to be found is at sea. The sea has long lured those with a heart for adventure. With wide open spaces and much land to explore; many treasures remain yet to be found and much blood left to spill, piracy has long been a source of great wealth and adventure for those willing to rob and kill for their coin.

Though with great reward, comes great risk. Over the years the Imperial Legion and the East Empire Trading Company have begun to fight back against the sea-born scourge, with there superior funding and manpower they have amassed a fleet of warships far superior to the average Pirate ship. While many ships have been lost; many more still yet resist, for those who desire true freedom will always seek it at sea.
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