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Seeking Perfection IX

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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Andarcya looked at the silver clad seamer. The man was standing at the top of the gangway, blocking the way down for her. She thought a moment about pushing the man out of her way, but he, in his position as seamer or whatever, represented the order on this ship. And for today she had violated law and order already to an unacceptable degree. Deciding to avoid more problems, she stopped before the gangway.

"Do I have to request permission to leave, too?"

Andarcya saw how the man stared right into her strangely shaped eyes, then quickly looking away from the flaw, somewhere into the night.

"Yes. The correct term would be: 'I request permission to leave the ship, sir'. But that´s not the only reason I stop you. You helped Khajiiti passenger number 22. I wonder... why?"

"You mean S'Girr? I thought he was sailor on this ship... Well... he helped me in the first place. I felt the duty of returning a favor."

The seamer shook his head.

"The Khajiit as sailor? No sane captain would hire such an individual."

The man laughed shortly.

"He is a passenger."

Andarcya looked over to the ballistas on the outer prows.

"You transport passengers? I have seen this heavy weaponry and thought this vessel to be a part of the armada."

The seamer nodded.

"Both is correct. The GORGEOUS COHORT was recently confiscated according to law of war in prepartion for naval supremacy. We do have civil passengers aboard but actually we called at Alinor for armament. We depart tomorrow, with destination Moridunon. There the last civilian will leave the ship and the GORGEOUS COHORT will join its fleet. The third northern fleet, heading for Sentinel and Hammerfell at large."

A children´s rhyme jumped into Andarcya´s mind.

Loose lips sink ships.

Andarcya didn´t know that the Dominion had so much influence on Alinor to disappropriate private mer. But she knew about the war that lay ahead. Another reason to find her father as quickly as possible. When she was a child her father had to flee with her from Cloudrest, when a civil war raged on Alinor one hundred fifty years ago. She could remember seeing the town of many layers burn, the city of glass built upon a city of crystal upon a city of stone and far below ruins of coral. Andarcya knew the chaos that came along with war, and it had been that time that she decided to become a warrioress, to defend order. She had to find her father before the chaos broke loose.

"Can I..."

"You know... S'Girr? You said that he helped you? I didn´t expecte such a behaviour. In my opinion this man thinks only of himself. He reserved the most luxurious cabin and orders the most expensive food everyday. Still the captain and I suspect him of thievery, right here on the ship, amongst the other passengers..."

"Excuse me, I have no time for rumours. I have to find a travel agency and book a yourney to leave Alinor as soon as possible."

Andarcya just wanted to push the mer and make her way to the harbour, hoping to find a still open travel agency in the

"You search for a ship? Why not the GORGEOUS COHORT? We set sails tomorrow in the afternoon, for Muridunon as said."

She stopped in her action and thought about this possibility. Something told her, that it was a bad idea to take the first ship that came along. It seemed too simple. She had expected a bunch of forms to be filled out, a decreed visit of an emigration bureau and other procedures to be gone through. On the other hand, she didn´t know whether she was a wanted criminal or not. Attacking an official... she could be glad to be able to leave by tomorrow. Still she wasn´t sure about it.

"Isn´t this a little short?"

"Well, the shipowner was not very happy when he was informed that his ship is now property of the armada. In my opinion he should be proud that..."

Andarcya cut his words, making him know that she he should come to the point with a gesture.

"... His last order, anyway, was to move as many passengers and wares as possible, to make the most last profit as possible. And as we have cabins left they are avaiable without advance booking or any restrictions. That is the reason why a Khajiit travels on this ship... and even a human. A short plague doctor, seems to have earned the Dominion´s respect by working in Knahaten camps in..."

"Fine then. Who do I have to ask to reserve a cabin?"

The seamer in bluish silver armor squinted his eyes.

"That would be me. Do you have money with you?"

Andarcya drew her non-cash payment device, a golden credit card.

"I better inform you now, coinless transactions are not possible outside Alinor."

"Not even on Muridunon?"

"Well... after years of war, Skywatch and Firsthold have settled there dispute and both are loyal to Queen Ayrenn now. But what they did with the land there! Alteration and Illusion is used to disguise the buildings of glass and sunlight, they look as primitive as the buildings of men! Of course, Bosmer and other folk isn´t supposed to see, but..."

A look to Andarcya.

"... Throughout the Aldmeri Dominion there is not yet established a common not-coin-based currency system. And Queen Ayrenn ordered the same set of rules to apply in every region of the Dominion. Atleast in Valenwood, Elsweyr and Muridunon. Interference into the laws of Alinor would spark a civil war in no time in my opinion...

Your account will be accepted, as well as your treasures. But you will need to visit banks to acquire coins there as you will need them to buy wares in the Dominion. You already should acquire coins before leaving.

Anyway. Your booking..."

The seamer produced a form.


"141 RK 91."



"Now... single cabin, or multiple person cabin?"

"Single cabin."



"Class, not caste. There are first, second and third class. First class is the most expensive, but will provide any luxury you can expect from a high Warrior's, Priest's or Prince's home. Third class is the cheapest, only Bosmer and Khajiit go with it. The second class is right in between, uncomplicated but still fit for Altmer aswell."

"Second class then."

"How much luggage?"

Andarcya blushed. She had totally forgotten to pack her things up before rushing to the harbour. The most objects from her fathers apartment were confiscated by the inquisition anyway. Her private attire had been untouched, she had cared for it. Should she return through Word-like-Certidude? No. She wouldn´t ever return home without her father. There was no item that she couldn´t dispense with, the only object she really clinged to was Twin Dove, a present of her father, crafted by him for her two hundredth birthday. Which had been a month ago. She would simply buy new attire, lingerie and other objects of culture and hygiene tomorrow in the harbour, before the ship set sail.

"One bag. I will bring it tomorrow."

"Will slaves travel with you?"


"Food, any preferences?"

"I´m vegetarian."

"Noted. Your room´s number is LCH 3018, starboard prow, third level, larboard of the prow, door number 18."

The seamer ripped of a piece of paper from the form and handed it Andarcya.

"Here. Show this in the central structure of the mid prow and you will be given your room key."

Andarcya took the paper and nodded. This was easier than she had thought. When things kept being so easy and quick she would find her father in one or two decades. With new confidence she turned around and headed for the gold decorated structure of solidified sunlight.

"Good evening, Lady. I bid you farewell with pleasant dreams."

She looked back to the seamer. Was there sarcasm in his voice?

"Yes, yes... good evening."

The seamer in bluish silver armor flinged his face to a smile while the gold-clad woman walked of. He threw a look at the rest of the form. Vegetarian? She would enjoy her Bosmer diet... He folded the paper and put it away, looking out into the nocturnal harbour, which was lit as bright as day.
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