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Seeking Perfection VI

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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It was like the sky had fallen onto Nirn. But it wasn't the clear, cerulean image of the void that could be seen during the day; beyond the harbour and beyond the coast there was nothing. Nothing but a vast, dark blue plane of desolation, everchanging and ominous. Irregular waves rose and sank, preventing the sea from turning into a plain mass of water, mirrors for the sky and the sun, like the lakes and ponds Andarcya knew from the parks of Alinor. Water and wave froth crashed against the rocks and outer quay walls, as if the oceanic chaos tried to tear down the Blessed Isles. The spindrift sprayed salty water over the outer structures of crystal and glass, even carrying a saline breeze of kelp and sea ooze to Andarcya's nostrils. She wrinkled her nose. Whenever she had tried to imagine the damned waters of Oblivion, Andarcya never had been able to think about such a place.

The very moment that Lion-like-Soul brought her to the waterfront was the first time Andarcya's strangely shaped eyes ever saw the sea. Despite a hundred years of living in Alinor she never had been to its harbour for there never had been a reason... until now. The more she was shocked that such a terrifying thing could exist within her realm.

"Step forward. Vacate the platform."

Andarcya realized that she had stood like rooted to the spot, blocking the platform for other travelers. She blushed and quickly left Word-like-Certitude, the teleporter of this waterfront. Unlike Lion-like-Soul this one was not covered by a dome as there was nothing to hide here.

"Is Altmera impressed?"

The Khajiit, S'Girr, smiled up to her as she passed him by.

"This one grew up at the sea. And this one thinks Altmera did not. The sea is large and beautiful, isn't it? S'Girr would be impressed, too, if he didn't know the sea already."

Andarcya squinted her eyes.

"You seem to misinterpret my facial features, Betmer. In no way am I impressed."

As she continued walking, an obviously unhappy Bosmer with black eyes, who had waited in front of the teleporter, stepped toward S'Girr. It was not only the strange view of the mer with his short body, nearly two heads shorter than her, his bottomless black eyes, his flawed face and the savage-looking armor of animal and human bones that made her stop in her pace. This Bosmer... seemed to be angry. She could tell it very well this time. And he was heading for S'Girr.

For some reason she didn't want something to happen to the Khajiit. Maybe it was because he was the first non-Altmer she'd ever met, or he reminded her of the pedigree cat she owned dozens of years ago... but probably she just didn't want somebody to violate the law by attacking someone else. So she waited and watched what would happen.

The Bosmer raised his voice against the Betmer.

"You bloody game Khajiit. Entering the forbidden city! One fine day you will bring yourself into such trouble, someone will cut your head off."

"But... but, my friend. This one is a careful Khajiit, you can trust this one. There will..."

"Belt up! You better tell me, have you seen Alinor, or not? And don't come the raw prawn!"

The Khajiit stroke his beard.

"The both of us had a wager. And Khajiit truly won."

"You have seen Alinor? Grouse."

The Bosmer laid his hand on the hilt of his rib rapier.

"Then you will tell me how it looks like, mate?"

S'Girr ignored the threat of his counterpart and held his open paw towards the Bosmer.

"Now? Five hundred white-gold coins first, yes?"

"Three hundred white-gold coins."

Just as the Bosmer strained his hand and arm to pull his weapon Andarcya stepped toward them.

"It's only three hundred white-gold coins that you won, Khajiit."

The both strangers looked surprised up to the Altmer. The Bosmer still held his weapon and so Andarcya watched him closely. The Khajiit was the first to find his tongue again.

"What are you doing? Can't you see that this one is busy?"

"Oh, excuse me. Maybe I didn't understand you correctly, as you said you made three hundred white-gold coins today. Five hundred if you would have seen Alinor. Weren't these your words?"

The Khajiit swallowed heavily while the Bosmer squinted his eyes.

"Who are you? What did this filthy Khajiit tell you? And why?"

Andarcya looked down onto the Bosmer.

"If I were you, I wouldn't call others filthy. All I know is that this Khajiit has a wager and told me about the conditions. Five hundred white-gold coins if he sees Alinor. Three hundred white-gold coins if he enters Alinor but does not see Alinor. And this case took place."

The Bosmer took a moment to realize. Then he turned angrily to S'Girr, pulling his weapon finally.

"You! You son of a cat tried to fool me?"

Andarcya stepped between them, a tower of gold between the two strangers. She saw sudden fear in the Bosmer´s eyes and decided to not draw her father´s sword.

"You better reconsider shedding blood on the Blessed Isles. If you ever kill anyone, I assure you, you won't eat his corpse three days later, for you will be executed already."

The Bosmer's weapon fell to the ground. He held his hands high to calm everyone down.

"No worries, mate."

"I think you owe this man three hundred coins, don't you?"

Wordlessly the Bosmer grabbed a purse from his belt. After pushing it into the Khajiit's paw he grabbed his rapier from the ground and quickly went away, nearly running down the stairs and ramps to the harbour and the foreign quarters.

Andarcya shook her head. Coins. What a stupid waste of gold. On the Blessed Isles transactions did not require the usage of metal to represent amounts of money. Coins were only used while trading with other races.

Someone tapped on her shoulders. It was the Khajiit on his tiptoe. He had been always on his tiptoe but now he had to stretch himself.

"This one wants to thank you. Even if S'Girr is a little upset that he lost two hundred coins because of you. But on the other paw... it's his own fault, he shouldn't have told you in the first place. Three hundred coins are better than none and a rapier through the belly."

Andarcya looked down onto the Khajiit.

"You... thank me? You broke the law to acquire these coins. And now you tried to fool the man you had this stupid wager with. I should take the money right off of you and give it back to the Bosmer. You can consider yourself glad that this is none of my business."

S'Girr squinted his eyes, holding the purse tightly to his upper body.

"Khajiit has no words for you."

Andarcya gave the slightest smile upon the sight. That Khajiit did really believe she would take his money away. That would have been against the law. Such actions she would have never commited.

"Fine, then. Better desist from crimes and you won't have any problems with the guard. Or me."

She turned towards the stairs and ramps that lead to the docks buildings of the harbour leaving the Khajiit behind, hoping that this order ignoring individual was just an exception and not the rule.

S'Girr smiled and watched the gold-clad woman leave. Young, naïve Altmer... It would have been so easy to steal some white-gold coins from her, but unfortunately he wasn't able to spot a purse under these plates of gold. And he also remembered how that woman grabbed him by the neck. Maybe he could have broke off some of those golden feathers on her armor? No. This was a careful Khajiit.

And furthermore, the Altmer prevented him from getting into serious problems. For he had no idea what Alinor looked like.

Wishing to be this young again S'Girr headed for the harbour, too. Soon he would get something to ease his day... Altmer wine, Rotmeth... and the new stuff he would try.
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