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Seeking Perfection VIII

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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The stars above the waterfront shown bright in the sky, but even brighter the harbour itself shone. Thousands of soulgem induced lamps, caged fires of various colours and repeatedly casted magelights lit the piers and ships, which themself seemed to emit light, as they were crafted of the rays of Aetherius, luminous crystals and rarely used gold. Andarcya was not used to such a sight. Without flinging her face she marvelled at the triremes, the frigates, the catamarans... only the weird and twisted reflections of the light in the everchanging sea irritated her. It was like the dark, chaotic sea was mocking about the ships of light and order, just like their material prison was mocking about the Altmer, turning their very life into a distortion. The night light of Alinor was not as brilliant as the illumination of its harbour. Actually the proud towers and building, in which during the day the light of Magnus was bent and broken, sending shivering images of light down the hulls of spiralled glass and filigree crystal, lay dark at night, only the streets were lit in the same fashion as the harbour now. Maybe it were reasons of security that the harbour was alight like that.

Quietly S'Girr moaned. Still the Khajiit bleed heavily from his nose. It had been like Andarcya thought. While she recovered quickly from her shock, S'Girr got weaker and weaker from the blood loss, until it was her supporting him walking and not the other way round. She still wondered whether that man really had tried to take a snuff of solidified sunlight... the crystals must have perforated his muzzle from the inside.

"Where is your ship now, Khajiit?"

S'Girr weakly raised his arm and pointed at a medium seized, tree-prowed catamaran, 12 Alinor lenght units long and 12 Alinor lenght units broad, making 144 Alinor unit areas. The outer prows were of solidified sunlight, shaped like enormous wings, with feathers moving softly in the night breeze. Ballistas were installed on the wings, hidden by the feathers so that only the muzzle was visible. All prows had masts with stroke sails and hundreds of banners waving in the night. Between the outer prows and the middle prow of crystal there was enough space for two quays surrounding the ships central prow.

"That one is this one´s ship."

Andarcya tipped her head back and looked up to the middle hull. Golden letters reflected the light and read GORGEOUS COHORT.

"S'Girr´s... healer is on the ship. He will heal S'Girr..."

"Then we should hurry. Your muzzle is already white from blood loss."

While searching for the gangway Andarcya looked up the figureheads on every prow, living sunbirds, gazing down watchful at the Altmer and the Khajiit heading for the ship they were part of. Finally she found the way up to the ship and turned to the Khajiit.

"You´re soon with your healer. I hope in future you will restrain yourself from..."


Andarcya looked up. An Altmer in bluish silver armor guarded the end of the gangway, looking down at her and the Khajiit. He seemed to recognize S'Girr, but Andarcya couldn´t see any emotion on his face seeing the Khajiit bleeding.

"Who goes there?"

Andarcya stopped in her steps.

"It is I, 141 RK 91. And this is S'Girr, a sailor of this ship. Will you let us pass?"

The man (he was male, most likely) sighed.

"You are clad like a warrioress but you act like a civilian. Please follow the etiquette..."

Andarcya nodded. Even if she didn´t like to be called a civilian... she had been part of what one could have called the standing army of Alinor for over fifty years, with fifty years of training before. Unfortunately it was only used in civil wars, which did not rage in the fifty years of her duty. So she never had the chance to actually get into battle. But… she was kind of glad about this. However, the seamer was right. No matter how much blood the Khajiit already lost, it was no reason to abandon the etiquette. She thought a moment.

"What is the etiquette?"

The mer in his bluish armor sighed again.

"Simply say following: 'I request permission to go aboard, sir'."

"I request permission to go aboard."


Andarcya wanted just to continue walking up the gangway, moving up and down, as she gave S'Girr a cuff to the side. Weakly the Khajiit turned to her.

"What... was that for?"

"You too."


"I didn´t know this procedure. But you have already traveled with this ship, so you should know it the etiquette better..."

The Khajiit shut his eyes wide open.

"Altmer you mad...

This one... requests... to go... aboard."

The seamer in his silver armor raised an eyebrow.


As Andarcya reached the top of the gangway, the Altmer guard stepped aside and called a few Bosmer cabin boys.

"Bring this... passenger to the ship´s doctor. And clean his mess of blood afterwards. I want to see my reflection in the ship and not Khajiit blood drips..."

Andarcya carefully removed S`Girrs arm from her shoulder and gave him to two of the Bosmer. They quickly disappeared to another part of the ship and Andarcya was now alone with the seamer at the top of the gangway.

"Would you step aside? Please do not block the ship, Andarcya."

She blushed and stepped forwards onto the ship. It moved soflty in the waves, letting the ship move up and down. Andarcya wasn´t used to such movement of the ground, she thought only the gangway to be in motion. But this was a challenge for her equilibrium sense, she stepped to the rail and hold to it.

Having brought S'Girr to his ship, Andarcya now felt a little lost and useless. There was no actual reason to stay on the ship. Then she noticed texts on the hundreds of banners. She wondered what was written there and took a closer look.


The name-spangled banners were nothing but a list of the ancestors of the crew... atleast the Altmer´s ancestors. At top Andarcya could read high names like Syrabane and other god-ancestors. One could be proud to have such ancestors. Unfortunately her father never cared much about his ancestry... that´s why Andarcya´s banner just would contain his and her name, not even the one of her mother. To raise such a banner would have been pointless. This fact soured her mood.

But then she thought... Her father! She still had to find him. She had to travel to the continent. She needed a ship.

She was just about to return to the harbour to find a travel agency, hoping one was still open even if it was late, as the seamer stepped into her way.

"I´m afraid you have violated the etiquette a second time. I can´t let you leave like this."
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