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Seeking Perfection XI

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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Andarcya woke up. Her cabin lay dark and she could hear distant shouts, the metallic creaking of the ship was far louder than usual. But they were not loud enough to have set her awake. What else then interupted her sleep of bewildering dreams? Still spiritless she felt funny. Something wasn´t right. Grabbing for the lamp on her bedside table she wanted to illuminate her room, but as soon her fingers touched it, it moved away from her hand. Suddenly Andarcya felt a force, dragging her out of the bed, she nearly fell to the ground. Now fully awake, she pushed the replaced blanket aside. The whole cabin was seesawing!

"What in Auri-el´s name...?"

Quickly jumping out of bed she got on her legs, just when another jerk went through the ship, nearly tearing her to the ground. She sweared and hold on to the table, finally managing to lit the lamp. Light fell on the mess in her cabin: The pieces of her armor lay scattered on the floor, fallen from the racks. All lockers were opened, most of her attirement on the ground aswell, just like most of her other belongings, coins, small bottles of oil and soap and various other items. The distant shouts got louder and the seesawing also intensified. The lamp´s light started to gutter suddenly and died a few moments later. Andarcya stood in perfect darkness, in the mess of her property, whilst the floor was shaking and strangest sounds came to her ears.

Suddenly her eyes fell on a mirror. She knew that it was a mirror she was looking at. For she could see the reflection of her glowing orange eyes in them. How... was this possible? It was dark in here... why could she see her eyes, her flaw? Was this just a vision? A dream? Like glowing coals in the darkness her own eyes stared at Andarcya from the gloom of her cabin. Like a monster lurking in the darkness...

She threw her hands up in horror, clenching her fists in her white-blonde hair. What was happening? What was this? Andarcya did not know answers to these question and that scared her. Another jerk hit the room, finally throwing her down onto the bed. This was no dream! For a moment she thought about hiding under the blanket, concealing herself from the terrifying scene, the shaking world and that strange vision of her eyes.

Not to know what lie ahead... whether she would see Magnus rise the next day... being like a leaf in the chaotic wind... the fires in the sky...

No. Not this time. She has gone through such uncertainty once in her life, when she had to flee from Cloudrest with her father, flee from the burning city of many layers, the civil war. The chaos, the uncertainity would never again control her. Shakily she got up. She had to find out what was happening. If she had have the courage to leave Alinor, the Blessed Isles, then she wouldn´t let this mess, the darkness or this vision scare her!

She raised her hand and created a floating orb of light, hovering right infront of here face. Having never been into the study of Alteration, she couldn´t command the orb to change position. It would simply follow her. But with the emergence of the magical light the strange vision vanished, and Andarcya could see herself to the full now. As if the vision was casted away be the light. No monster, just a young Altmer woman was standing in the mirror, looking at Andarcya. It had been a vision, nothing more. Still the floor was shaking, Andarcya could hear shoutings and other alarming sounds.

It was time to overcome the shock and surprise.

In the faint light of spell she reeled through the room, collecting the pieces of her armor. Even if the ship was going to sink, she didn´t care. She was a warrioress and had standards.

It took her a sheer endless span of time to gather the pieces and put them on, she had to recast her light dozens of times. The shaking did not cease. It was actually getting worse. Her greaves... her boots... her plate... her mail... her gauntlets... She fell several times while putting them on, but she stood up every time. Only her pauldrons were missing. Without their feather and wing adored beauty her armor was not complete. It was her decision to walk out there in full armor and so...

Her thoughs were interupted when the door was slammed open.

In surprise she turned her head to the entrance of the cabin. There, probably looking as surprised as herself, stood S'Girr. The Khajiit had a night gown of orange silk and a matching hat on... one of those fancy round and tall hats... colovian, as she recalled.

In his arms S'Girr carried various items, golden decanters, diamont-studded flagons, candlestick of silver, gold and other materials. Furthermore, S'Girr had rings on, dozens of rings, atleast two on every finger. Rubies, smaragds and sapphires glistered on them. Also dozens of necklaces hung around S'Girrs neck and dozens of bracelet around his wrists, up to his forearms. Decorated golden pins stuck in his gown and three golden diadems were put on his hat, all of different seize and therefor different position on his conical head wear.

For a moment the Altmer and the Khajiit stared at each other. Until a golden fork fell to the ground, producing a bell-like clang of metal on metal.

Andarcya felt anger rising. A filthy, loot-seeking thief stood infront of her.

"How dare you!?"

She uttered the words with greatest possible disgust and grasped Twin Doves from the floor.
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