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Seeking Perfection XII

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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On shaking steps Andarcya climbed the stair case to the upper deck, her sword in S'Girr´s back, forcing the Khajiit to walk in front of her. Salty water was flowing down the stair in small rills into the corridors of the starboard prow. Wind blew spindrift into their eyes through the open door as they climbed higher. Finally they could see the black sky, covered in storm clouds and fog.

S'Girr´s steps faltered. Andarcya nudged his back with the egde of Twin Doves.

"This one doesn´t think this is necassery..."

"Shut up, I´m growing tired of the culturally contitioned absence of an ego in your words!"

Andarcya pushed the Khajiit forwards, making him finally step outside. Storm and chill embraced the Altmer woman as she followed her... captive onto the deck. Gusts of salty air whipped her face and she had to squint the salty water out of her eyes. The sails and banners were striked, the masts on all three prows retracted. The wind was not the only noise Andarcya heard. There were Bosmer and workers everywhere on the middle prow, running hastily, and Altmer shouting commands, using magic using stabilise the ship. All this hecticness troubled Andarcya. The more troubled her the fact that the ballistas were manned, aiming at the surface of the sea, just like searchlights and all the other instruments of war. But worst of all, Andarcya realised that she and the Khajiit seemed to be the only persons left on the starboard prow.

A jerk hit the GORGEOUS COHORT, making her reel and S'Girr fall over a couple of sliding crates. With fearful eyes he looked up to Andarcya.

"Please! The storm! There is real danger! Can´t Altmer hear the hue and cry? S'Girr even thinks the ship is sinking..."

"And you, in such a situation, had nothing better to do than plundering cabins, burdening yourself with material goods?"

"S'Girr doesn´t want to die poor..."

Andarcya raised her sword.

"That can be arranged. How about death by bathing in molten gold? You would atleast cease to be worthless then..."

"Altmer, you mad..."

"Now stand up, you filthy thief! I´m going to hand you to the captain. Your punishment is his decision, not mine."

"This one thinks the captain has more important things to do... mind the storm..."

Andarcya bowed down and teared the Khajiit onto his legs by grabbing the collar of his night gown.

"The storm did not violate the law."

Pushing S'Girr forwards Andarcya made it to the brigdes and deck connections that hold the three prows together, wondering whether it were really the waves that caused those heavy jerks. Here, without any other structures rising over the railing, the wind blew even stronger. The waves reached high enough to hit the brigdes, submerging them and carrying everything away that was on them.

"Altmer, you don´t want to walk over there?!"

Andarcya saw some mer on the other side turning to them, waving. Were they telling her to hurry over or to stay where she was?

"I want to walk over there."

"Altmer. You mad!"

She catched a last breath before she grabbed the still halting S'Girr´s arm and began to run. The wind hit her face, as if it was not air but something solid that was blown into her face by the storm. Spindrift and salt took her sight, but she did not stop. Hesitation would be her end. A wave could hit her any time, dragging her into the dark chaos of water below.

Just as she had passed half of the bridge Andarcya turned her head to the side, looking after her captive. But instead of the Khajiit her eyes fell on a fast moving body of water that was about to crash onto the bridge.

Gasping in surprise she tried to fasten her step... but it was too late. There was no possibility of escaping. She felt the water crushing onto her body. It hit her arm, her leg. Her surprise turned into fear as the water surrounded her. All she could do was running, wading... For a moment Andarcya couldn´t feel any ground under her feet. Then the concept of above and below lost its meaning to her. A humming drone filled her ear, as her lungs burnt like fire. Angst became her dominant feeling. She was not in charge no more. She had no controll of her motion, of her life. She was the plaything of the chaotic forces of the wave. She closed her eyes. Was this the end? She had left order, now chaos was devouring her...

The world stopped moving and turned black.

Well. Life was overrated. Even an Altmer´s life. Only the risk of being reborn as a lesser race did scare her. Nirn was a bad joke afterall.

The end. Where was Aetherius?

Her lungs burned and she had to cough. One felt no pain, nor had any other needs in Aetherius.
Materialism! She was still alive!

Voices surrounded Andarcya.


"Bloody hell, she is an Altmer! They are evacuated at once!"

"So she went back to fetch the cat?"

"Hooley dooley! An Altmer risking her life to save a Khajiit?"

"Now I´ve seen everything!"

"Back to your work! And give these indiviuals more space!"

Andarcya saw the blurred shape of an Altmer, helping her up. Shakily she came to her feet while S'Girr was still lying down and grasping for air.

No! Somebody had to hold him!

"Wait... I just... thief... must see the captain..."

"What is my comprehension of your words supposed to be?"

Andarcya shook her head. She had to regain absolute consciousness again. Just as she wanted to explain that S'Girr was a thief and that she was going to hand him to the captain, great clamor raised among the workers.

"Hell! It´s coming again!"

Another jerk went through the ship, stronger than ever.

"Hull integritity to thirty percent!"

"Hull breach!"

Andarcya grabbed the Altmer´s collar.

"By the Divine, what´s going on!"

The mer, who had helped her up looked at her puzzled.

"You don´t know? We are under attack!"

Suddenly one could hear the like moaning sound of twisting solidified sunlight and metal. Andarcya quickly turned her head. The starboard prow... something was pushing it upwards!


Andarcya got the goose bumps to her perfect golden skin.

The Sload. The archenemies of the Blessed Isles. intuitively she wanted to draw her sword. With terror she noticed it was not around her hips. Quickly she looked around. It lied next to S'Girr. Relieved she picked it up and sheathed it while turning back to the monster in the water.

Ballistas shot their deadly projectiles into the sea. Soulgem induced fires and rays of pure light were blasted into the water. Mages casted fire, ice and lightning down to the waves.

The flashing light revealed the beast. Andarcya could see it in all of its heinousness.

It was... gigantic. Lurking under the surface, big, old and evil. It... was under the ship. Under the ENTIRE ship. Under every single of the 144 Alinor unit areas the GORGEOUS COHORT there was the Sload. Gargantuan and terrible.

Andarcya took a step back. This... was impossible. No living thing was capaple of growing... to such a seize. The gods would never approve an abomination like this This was nothing but a lorkhanic monstrosity...

Her thoughts were cut off as the Sload´s gigantic pseudopod, with a diameter of twice a prow´s width, drove through the sea´s surface, ripping the starboard prow off from the main prow, tearing apart the bridges and breaking the deck, catapulting the gigantic wing shaped hull of solidified sunlight into the night sky.

Andarcya first thought was, that all of her stuff was still in her cabin.

The remaining two hulls of the GORGEOUS COHORT heeled dangerously. The sudden jerk teared Andarcya to the ground, falling on S'Girr, who also gazed unbelievingly at the flying hull and the monster´s arm, reflecting the moons' light on its slimy surface.

Due to unanticipated aerodynamical characteristics the prow was propelled by the storm winds and carried high into the sky, while Andarcya was just lying and watching, her jaw dropped from her face. For a moment only the sound of the storm and the waves filled the air. Even the Sload seemed to hold off, as if it was also watching the unreal flight of the hull, which was dancing in the storm like a feather in the wind. Everyone stared up to the prow, revolving around its own axis until the wind suddenly changed its direction.

The illusion broke. Falling like the massive and solid object that it was, the hull crushed down into the black sea. It was like a stone being thrown into the water, creating perfect circles in a pond. But the sea was no pond. And the ship was no stone. Andarcya´s flawed eyes opened to the fullest extent as Andarcya watched the rogue wave rushing towards the remaining GORGEOUS COHORT.

Andarcya prayed to Mara, to Stendarr, to Jephre, to Xarxes, to Phynaster, to Syrabane, to Auri-el and all her other God-ancestors. The world around her, filled with noise and dread, turned into a calm and solemn place. The ship was hitten by the wave and capsized. Rapidly the surface of the sea moved towards her.

Then everything turned black.
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