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Seeking Perfection XIV

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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Heat and moist air embraced her as she entered. She moaned by the sudden shock of humidity. The jungle lay in a green twilight, disturbing animals sounds of birds and insects filled the air. Andarcya had no problem to endure heat. The blessed isles were a warm place, the sun blessed the land and the buildings in the cities, like thousand of mirrors, reflected it. But this place... made her sweat. Her uniform under her armor had already started drying, now it was soaked again. Hell, and the thirst! How could one feel thirsty in a place moist like this! Hastily she walked through the forest, scaring birds and other animals away as she broke and cut her way through the forest, uneasy with the not flat ground full of roots, veins, and general vegetation.

Laughing bitterly on the inside, Andarcya thought back to her and her father´s day trips to Alinor´s "wildernis". She stopped after marshing a while at a tree, supporting herself on the trunk. There was nothing more that she wanted than a break, giving her legs a rest, which hurt from all that unussual climbing over the uneven ground. Yes. Andarcya let herself fall to the ground, taking a seat on the tree's roots.

She closed her eyes and opened them again. Green. Half-light shining through a myriad of leaves. And even more green. Everything in here looked the same. And the sound scape was disturbing. It had something... threateing, all those distant snarl, bird and insect noises.

Atleast there were some flowers, and some even had blossoms. Well, she did not care for nature in general but she liked geometrically correct blossoms. Andarcya looked up the trunk she was sitting under. Some sort of creeper plant was wrapped around it, having large, goblet seized blossoms.

Here, in the deepest jungle Andarcya smiled. She wondered what theyse scented like and raised her arm to pluck one. Just as she touched the calyx, a gush of water went over her.

"What the...!"

She shouted as she jumped up. The cooling came unexpected and she hated surprises. Then she stooped walking away from the tree. Water? Where did it come from? Maybe she had found something to drink?

Examining the blossoms she smiled again. They were full of water! Thanking the gods for this twist, she carefully plucked one of the calyxes and moved it to her face. Finally she could quench her thirst. The calyx touched her lips, she drank the water... just to spit it out again.

"What is this?"

The water... tasted moldy, earthy and alkalescent to Andarcya, being used to drink water in it´s pure, distillated form.

"It´s contaminated!"

What kind of devilish forest did she found herself in? She couldn´t even drink the water in this place! Tossing the calyx away as if its content was poisonous Andarcya angrily walked away from the tree. Frustrated she looked around the green hell, a preturbing thought crept into her mind. When she was not even able to drink the water, how were her more complex needs supposed to be satisfied?

Surely, there were no sanitary facilities to be found in this place...

Andarcya stopped and slowly turned back to the tree. Licking her lips her thirst felt even more strong, now that she knew that water was only a few steps away from her. Slowly she walked back. Looking at the blossoms, she gulped with a dry throat. There was the water, she thought. The dirty water. Then she emptied all calyxes within her reach.

Like a whipped dog, with an upset stomach, Andarcya continued her marsh, unknowing what to do now. Should she head back to the beach, maybe searching for other survivors or ships to save her? What if she encountered enemies? Shoul she instead run through this forest hoping to find... what?

She hated not to know what came next...

This was exactly like her humiliating flight from Cloudrest... atleast the four days until her and her father reached the refugees camp... no running water... no cooked food... no slave work for minor work... filthy and unbathed like animals...

This memory, these four days among ten thousands of day, burned into her mind like... like...

Suddenly she heard a unnerving crunching sound. What did she just step into? With wide-shut eyes she looked down.

Her boot of gold and solidified sunlight was stuck in the ribcage of some animal... or mer. Cold sweat ran down her spine despite the heat. A skeleton! Was there any better analogy for the material prison than the ribcage, literally a cage carried every single day of life? A strange skull lay near by, grass growing through the eyesockets, still the animal´s skull seemed to...stare at Andarcya. Quickly she looked up. Had there been a movement in the woods? A sound? A Rustling? Or was her mind playing tricks on her? She staggered back, shaking her leg, trying to break loose from the bones, which flew in all directions. With a sound of surprise she stumbled over some roots, falling backwards.

For a moment she couldn´t move. She just stared up to the green above her, the myriad of leaves. Something was after her. She knew it.

This place was not where she belonged. Every fiber of her being screamed it out loud: She. Did. Not. Belong. Here.

An animal cry somewhere in the bushes. Loud and near. Hounded she jumped up, blindly running through the creepy green hell, unable to catch a clear thought. She had to get out of there! As soon as possible! Where was the beach? Everything looked the same! Her face was a mask of terror, she had no control about it. The path! She had to find the path that she came, with cutten and broken bushes! She had to! This was her only chance. Branches hit her face while running, painfully her hair got entangled in the vegetation, as she ran, ran, ran.

Jumping over roots and fallen trunks, she anathematised the forest. If a Bosmer would have said this place was made by Jephre, Andarcya would never told him that he was wrong. But she knew it better... this was both Jephre´s work and Lorkhan´s.

She stumbled again, leaves blurred her sight, a flash of light... then her face hit into sand. Spitting the sand out of her mouth Andarcya looked up. Praised be Jephre! She was at the shore again. She couldn´t comprehense her luck! She did it! Staying on her knees, she began to laugh. She escaped the forest! She bowed forward and her laughter died. Instead, she began to sob.

What... what had happened in the forest? She... was no coward! A skeleton shouldn´t have scared her like that! And some wild animal? That should have been no challenge for her...

Tears fell into the white sand, sobs shaking Andarcya´s entire body.

This place... it scared her, set her into mortal fear. This jungle... all that chaos... was different. Different from everything she had ever known. Everything she had ever seen, heard, believed in! That something like this was even within the patterns of possibility was unknown to Andarcya, unthinkable! It was against all of her believes, shaking the very pillars of her faith.

Closing her Andarcya felt like falling, she was no longer the master of her own mind nor body. She should have never left the Blessed Isles... never!

It took some time for her nerves to recover from her collapse.

Shakily Andarcya got up, realising that she was where she started some time ago. She had been asleep... or something close to that. It was evening now, Magnus shone low in the western sky, already dyeing the void red. Looking around, she was at the beach again, the same white sand, maybe only a few meters from where she woke up the first time on this shore. Infront of her the vast sea, seperating her from the Blessed Isles. Behind her the jungle, a place most dire, impossible to cross.

For a moment she thought of her father, who could be caught in this very forest behind her... she shook of that thought, cursing her own weakness.

Well... it seemed like the beach was the only passable land. Then she should stay at the beach. If she would walk long enough, she would find a settlement. Even if she found enemies there... she would not survive one single night outside of civilisation. It was better to be captured, in shackles and chains than to be free in the wilds. Then she would atleast be subject to an militaric order, to civilisation, to law, and not the plaything of chaos.

But in which direction should she venture?

To her right Andarcya could see a couple of rocks, to her left in a distance she could see a glistening, irregulary flashing light. A light? It shone bright like a second Magnus on Nirn. What was it? It looked like... she had seen something before, when in Alinor, the city, one of the skyscraping towers had to be demolished for some reasons. The nights had been as bright as the day for months.

Maybe it was one of the broken hulls, the outer prows of her ship, the GORGEOUS COHORT... the solidified sunlight was probably damaged to the point of dissolving, flooding the evening beach with light.

Her fear and depression lessened the more she realised what this would mean.

She started running over the beach.

If it really was one or more hulls of the GORGEOUS COHORT, maybe she would find other survivors there. And if she was able to end her solitude, maybe she would stop this place from driving her into madness.
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