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Seeking Perfection XV

Started by Idriar
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Seeking Perfection

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The small boat did not consist of metal, solidified sunlight or crystal, as a usual vessel would have. It also did not consist of wood like the simple human ships of the Continent would have, for wood was a material unused by the Bosmer to nearly full extent due to the Green Pact. They were not allowed to use the plants of Valenwood in any way, they did not process them, they did not eat them and they did not harvest them at all. Alchemy, craft and even cuisine were forced to do without plant parts and wood. It did not affect the Bosmer much though, for they were carnivorous, but they were not allowed to use any spices. The fauna of the jungle was the only resource of Valenwood, the Bosmer used. Without magical flames, Andarcya thought, the Bosmer would eat nothing but raw and bloody meat. A thought which nearly made her stomach churn. Deplorable customs!

Unfortunately, meat – actually fish – was the only thing her Bosmeri savior had to offer as food. So she had to starve on their yourney to the next save harbor.

Still, Andarcya had learned to cherish the small, bone made boat, she had spent the past two days on. Mostly because it had been her way out of the green hell. The dissolving hull of the GORGEOUS COHORT had attracted the Bosmeri fisher with her boat. Its seemingly fragile structure of bones and leather stripes was covered and stringed with twice sewed animal hides, all leather brown, made waterproof with adipose. Words could not express the stench of rancid fat, which also served the purpose of attracting large predators, namely sharks and dreughs. The sail was made of cheap silk, another animal product. It was attached to a mast of no less than four hundred ninty three spinal segments, Andarcya had have enough time to count them all. Large bone shells of white and slightly yellow colour, maybe bladebones or broken hipbones of especially large animals, were the uneven ground she stood and the bench she sat on, while Andarcya watched the land mass drawing closer from the horizon.

“What is the Island’s name again?”

The Bosmer fisher looked over to her, handling nerve fibre made ropes and the steering wheel, which was a tortoiseshell attached to a bone structure.

“Khenarthi's Roost, Sheila. We’ll be right there this arvo.”

She caught a glance of Andarcya’s still filled dish of sun dried shark.

“Still a vejjo? You haven´t even touched your flake."

Andarcya did say nothing. She had given up to explain her reason for being vegetarian. It shocked her how quick the Bosmer managed to corrupt the Aldmeri word and assimilate it into the Bosmeri Aldmeri, Ayleid-influenced 'Veinst'.

“Nah. Can´t understand you wombats anyway.”

The Bosmer turned her attention back to her 'navigation instruments' as Andarcya kept looking at the Island. Khenarthi's Roost. A Khajiit dwelled island, according to the name. It was a goddess of Elsweyr, mostly revered by humans, not mer. Actually another variation of one of the eight Oversouls, probably a wrong interpretation of Jephre. But who was she to tell the Khajiit that their faith was wrong? Anyway, it was a town. Finally civilization! A place she could finally rest from the discomforts and lack of culture she had to endure in the wilds. It had been... horrible to say least. But now she would reach a Dominion Harbour. Andarcya was wondering how it would be there.
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