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Selah The Thief

Started by TicoNichole
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname - Selah

Surname - N/A

Sex - Female

Race - Redguard

Age - 20

Occupation - Thief/Fence

Faction - Local Band of Thieves; Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - Short and solid;Athletic build. Attractive face with big brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown dreadlocks. Three black lines tattooed below her left eye. Has a gruesome scar that runs diagonally from her left shoulder to right above her right breast.

Personality - Very interpersonal, charismatic, and outgoing. A joy to speak to and has a lively sense of humor.

Social Background/Backstory - Selah was raised by her shop-owner father in Hammerfell. Her warrior mother (deceased) has had a lasting impact on her life, however, through her short visits home to tell of adventures and battles.

Selah has always been friendly and intelligent, far exceeding her peers in the coming of age test given in the Alik'r desert. She is resourceful, compassionate, and always trying to make her mother proud. Selah's mother died sometime in between her being 12-14. Selah's mother went on a trip a month after her 12th birthday and never came back- her journal was retrieved by her cohort and given to Selah on her 14th birthday as a gift, leading the family to believe Selah's mother had died.

Growing up she raised herself, what with her father busy with his successful store, and no mother or older siblings. She fell in line with her cousin and his bandit friends and learned of her gift of thieving.

Best Memory - Her first successful burglary (on her father's store... several flawless jewels and 500 pieces of gold)

Worst Memory - Her mother not coming home for her 13th birthday, Selah was the first to suspect her mother's death.

Skills - Skilled in lock picking, sneak, and pickpocketing. Also adept in light armor and archery.

Challenges for the Character - Selah struggles with discernment and decision-making. As with any young adult, she struggles with right and wrong and doesn't always think her actions through. She knows what is right but would much rather use her talents for evil and make the quick buck with her questionable friends.

Birthsign - Sign of The Serpent

Religious Views - Her family raised her to be a devout worshipper of Julianos. Selah values speech and fair trade; at the same time she has recently taken to following Nocturnal and appreciates the shadows.

Shout Out To Scoots
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Ebonheart Pact
Nice :D

Long live the Pact, and Death to le Queen
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