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Sentinels of High Rock
Sentinels of High Rock

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Havoc-seventeen.
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About Sentinels of High Rock
Main Life in the Guild Joining Up
Hey :) Friendly Guild looking for experienced ESO and MMO players.

We aim to create an inclusive and friendly environment where players can improve their gameplay experience.


Our ranking system is simple and allows for easy progression. All members with the exception of the founders will start off at NEW RECRUIT.

There are three sets of ranks divided by playstyle.

Players who use magic or staffs as their primary weapons will progress from: ACOLYTE to MAGE to BATTLEMAGE.

Players who use one or two handed weapons such as axes or swords will progress from: GUARDIAN to PALADIN to CHAMPION.

And lastly players who use a bow as their primary weapon or who have chosen to specialize in sneak will progress from: SCOUT to MARKSMAN to RANGER.

The first rank of each set will be awarded after a new member has spent a set amount of time with the guild or has distinguished themselves in group content.

The second rank will be awarded to players who have either distinguished themselves in group content or have reached max level.

The final rank of each set will only be granted to players who have shown superior commitment and distinction in the guild and requires the endorsement of a WAR COUNCIL MEMBER.

The founders of the guild will be given the rank of WAR COUNCIL and will comprise the heads of PvE, PvP, crafting, recruiting and bank.

The guild leader, myself, shall hold the rank of WAR COUNCIL LEADER but must confer with all other members of the WAR COUNCIL before any decision is acted upon.


We have a simple rule book:

Members must have a logical name (no "captainkickass" etc.)

Respect must be shown at all times. If there is a disagreement between two members let myself or another war council member know.

The maturity of our members is expected however we are imposing no restriction on age as this is not sufficient evidence of maturity.

A good understanding of English is HIGHLY recommended as this is the form that all communication will take place in.

And lastly... Have fun!

We will be recruiting until and after launch day and look forward to seeing you all at open beta. If you're interested in joining then please drop a comment below with your race and ingame name so that we can find you ingame. If you are still undecided on either of these just leave us a comment saying that you'll let us know closer to launch day. Check out our Facebook page for updates.
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