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Sereth Carthile

Started by Sereth
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Firstname - Sereth
Surname - Carthile
Title - EmberSword (self proclaimed)
Sex - Male
Age - 26
Occupation - Soldier (battle mage)
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Medium build, short. Dark, close cropped hair. Tanned skin, darker than what is common for Bretons due to his mother being part Redguard. Burn scars cover much of his arms and hands with some on his face.
Personality - Erratic at times, especially in the midst of combat. Friendly until given a reason not to be, he tends to hold grudges against those who wrong him or his friends.
Social Background/Backstory - Born to a merchant family, his father was a part of a trade caravan and was often gone for long periods of time. He was taught to use the sword at an early age by his mother, who was part Redguard. He and his mother lived together on a small farm with two other families of the caravan his father was a part of. In his later teenage years he was taught to use magic by an elder who was a part of one of the other families on the farm. Sereth proved to be highly efficient with fire based destruction magic and at times seemed to be possessed by the very fire he conjured. This once led to half of the farm being burned to the ground. In his early twenties he was recruited as a soldier by the Daggerfall Covenant due to his proficiency with sword and flame.
Best Memory - The time his father brought him on his trade route. What an adventure that was.
Worst Memory - When his father was injured by a bear and later died
Skills - One handed swords, Destruction magic (particularly fire based), Heavy armor, enchanting.
Challenges for the Character - Forgiving his own past mistakes, staying in control of himself when in the grip of the flames.
Birthsign- The warrior
Religious Views He tends to keep away from religion
Politics Views "Prosperous trade is a necessity. If following High King Emeric and taking the Ruby Throne will bring back our trade, then point me at my enemies and I will sear their flesh from their bones." -Sereth, to a fellow soldier one night while drunk at a tavern.
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