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Servants of DeathStorm - Xbox One

Started by LovelyFaddy
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Guild Name: DeathStorm Battalion

Xbox Players Join Now!!!

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion

EU Server
Members From UK, Australia and America.. Open to the world.

EXCELLENT Ranking system that DOES NOT hold players back at ANY level.
Very fair and EVERY1 is ranked Purely on Merit.

We are looking for intelligent individuals that want to Excel (PvP and PvE) with a group that is Tight-Knit and Hits as a Unit. We have some very experienced players and like a well organized, methodical approach.

Everybody has their unique role in battle and brings value in 1 form or another. The key is to enjoy your role and become the Best at it.

Ultimately, what every it is you like, we encourage you to do it and work as as 1 force. So if you're an archer we'll make an effort to keep danger out of your face. Works well for every1

So whatever it is you want to specialize in..
if you're on Xbox
Over 18
Have a mic
Have (or will make) a facebook account -we communicate via a private facebook group
Speak English
And like team tactics + using strategy to ensure we use our roles to compliment each other in Battle
And have a sense of humor

Than please PM me and let's bring you in Thumbs_up

Cheers Winking_tongue_out
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Leader of DeathStorm
Xbox Guild of the Aldmeri Dominion
Swift - Synchronized - Severe
Oh my my..CHECK THIS OUT!!! (she said)
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