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Shir-Ava [Argonian] [Feedback is welcome]

Started by EL.058
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Final edit. [18+] [Feedback accepted]

Edited her profile. This time I changed her goals, racial views, greatest fears, and a few parts of her story. I also added a new friend to her list of best friends. I didn't add these things last time because I didn't know what kind of community this was. Now I feel a bit more comfortable here, so I will add them in. They have always been something I had planned for Shir's story, so these aren't out of the blue. This will probably be the last time I edit her profile.

The parts I added deal with some serious adult themes. If you are allergic to adult themes, stay out.


First Name: Shir-Ava
Cyrodilic: Hatchling-of-Hope
Note: She does not speak Jel and therefor does not know what her name means. She was named before she had the chance to have a naming day, so her name doesn't fit at all.

Last Name: Nuzura

Birth Sign: The Tower, 31st of Frostfall

[Image: Shir-Ava-redo-color-2_zps4039d494.jpg]
Small and not too well endowed. Dark grey scales with a light grey underbelly, and under tail. Riddled in scars. Rounded face, large eyes, toned body. White tattoos on face and body. Face tattoos are in the shape of teeth, and outline her eyes. Body tattoos are a mix of tribal tattoos, and outlining of her muscle structure.

Race: Argonian

Age: 18

Height: 4' 8"

Weight: 96 lbs

Eyes: Orange

Hair: Four horns, one on each side of the head, and two smaller horns in between them.

Facial Hair: Small horns under Eyes.

At First Glance: She looks like an abnormally small Argonian with strange Nordic tattoos and scars all over her body. That along with light armor, and a small sword, she probably looks like a young adventurer just discovering the world, though the Nordic tattoos and abundant scars seem out of place.

Personality: Calm and calculating, sadistic, quick to anger, and occasionally cute and naive. Always seems to be aware of whats around her at all times. Only trusts a small select few, but will defend anyone who stands with her. She has occasional pings of conscience when she does something terrible because she feels like she is putting others through all the pain she went through as a child, but she is quick to put it behind her because it makes her feel weak. She has little grasp on the concept of self worth or modesty, being raised by a Khajiit. Having shackles as your only article of clothing for the first seven years of your life doesn't help much either. As a result, she never cared much for wealth or material goods, strange for a bandit. She only ever stole or killed to survive or for the pleasure of watching others suffer. When she isn't in a foul mood however, she is quiet, and watchful. She likes to listen to stories, and daydream. She can be quite spacey when she is calm. Because she had a very limited education, she can also be quite naive and curious. She often misuses words she has read in books, but didn't comprehend. But she hates when people look down on her for things she doesn't know.

Racial Views: She will always be racist towards Dunmer. She will however give each one a chance when they first meet. Being a slave to them has hammered it into her mind that she should hate them, and the only reason she would ever give one a chance, is because she has met a few Dunmer who were genuinely kind to her. So for a Dunmer to become her friend, or at least not be hated by her, that first impression has to be perfect. She looks up to Nords. They are great fighters and she loves their way of life. They seem so free, and powerful. It's something to admire. She doesn't have many views on other races, she never knew many long enough to form them. Her sister was the only Khajiit she ever knew, so she has no opinion on the Khajiit as a race either. Though she likes the way they talk.

General Health: Perfect health, she is a Saxhleel after all. Pretty decant physical condition.

Initial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Does not help anyone other than her immediate allies, best to be on her side. Uses extreme measures to achieve her goals and does not care who or what gets in the way, most of the time.

Profession: Bandit Marauder, Adept mage. Training for many years under the best Bandit chief in Eastmarch taught her how to fight almost any enemy she would encounter. This is also where she learned magic, and became Marauder herself at only 12 years old.

Base class: Rogue Mage. Skilled with magic, and short blades. Will always lean towards magic in a fight but is more than capable of using stealth, speed, and cunning to take down opponents much larger and tougher than herself.

Fighting style: She prefers hit and run tactics. She is small and fast, and she knows it. So she will do her best not to let her enemies get close. Just like her speed in combat, her mind also works fast. She learns from mistakes and thinks on her feet quite well. She will never use the same move too often against the same opponent. She uses destruction and conjuration magic, as well as short swords to finish off her prey. Conjuration takes more out of her though. She is skilled with fire, ice, and shock, though shock is her favorite.

Habits/Hobbies: She tends to do everything fast. When she escaped slavery, she was always on the move. So now its a habit to skip steps when doing day to day activities. She also has a habit of playing with her tail, much like a person would play with their hair, whenever she gets fidgety or impatient. As for hobbies, she has a journal she likes to write in. She used to collect the fingers of guards she has killed when she was a bandit, and she likes to stare at the stars each night. She also reads when she can, and is a people watcher.

Weapon of choice: Shir-Ava will always prefer magic. But also uses dual swords.

Armor of choice: Light/Medium armor. Furs, hides, cloth, light metals, and on rare occasions, nothing. She isn't the most modest if you remember, she grew up with nothing because of her slave life, so she doesn't care if people see her nude. Plus, Argonians are just like that. Living in Skyrim taught her that clothing was a must have though. She never wears shoes or gloves however, because she prefers to have her claws at the ready if she were to ever loose her weapon or run out of magicka. Using magic to protect yourself weighs a lot less, and she will always want to be as fast as possible, using her small size to her advantage against brutish enemies.

Goals: Just surviving and finding her old childhood friends from when she was a slave. She also hunts a Dunmer named Gadave who tortured, experimented on, and raped her when she was a slave. She carries a black soul gem on a necklace that she plans to trap his soul in when she kills him. She will never use it to enchant something, she will just wear it as a trophy.

Addiction: No addictions. Unless you count murder and causing suffering. She is one of those few bandits who knew better than to alter her mind's state.

Rival: Lobo Dunkam: a former Windhelm guard who she fought a lot as a bandit. (Pure rivalry) Ahdanji: her former Khajiit mentor and make shift sister. Ahdanji taught Shir-Ava quite a few of the things she knows, and was always kind to her, but she later escaped slavery just as Shir-Ava did, and joined the Aldmeri Dominion for the same reasons Shir-Ava joined the Ebonheart Pact. (unstable rivalry/friendship.)

Mate: Dating Asra Karimi. She doesn't think of her relationship as something serious. Asra is just a way to relieve stress for her. Her terrible people skills and lack of trust make it hard for her to get too attached to people.

Best Friends: Ahdanji, Alammu, Tor-Acr, Halshee-Sha

Most hated enemy: Slavers of any kind.

Greatest fear: Being captured by slavers or any enemy for that matter, as well as being raped again.

Hometown: Tel Aruhn

Family: Parents sold to another family shortly after birth and never seen again. Khajiit sister (not real sister) Joined another faction. Her bandit pack was killed after she left them by the Brotherhood of Rangers.

List of known spells


Fire rune
Ice spike
Lightning bolt

Chain lightning
Frost cloak

Bound sword

Conjure Flame Atronach
Soul trap

Conjure Frost Atronach

Using spells in combat:
In turn based combat where one move can be used a turn, Shir-Ava has 6 points to use with her magic. During turns that no spells were cast, she will gain 3 points up until she reaches 6 again. This is done to limit her casting, and make battles seem more realistic.

Novice spells - 1 point
Apprentice spells - 2 points
Adept spells - 3 points

Back Story

Born into slavery at house Telvanni in 2E 564. Shir-Ava Nuzura was a child slave who's parents were sold to a different family. She worked as a house slave as she was too young to work the fields. She endured years of beatings and abuse from her owner. However she had two friends. One was a Dunmer boy named Alammu about her age living in the family. He was learning the art of magic at the time and would always show her new tricks he had learned. Magic began to captivate her. The other was a Khajiit slave named Ahdanji working in the field next to the houses. Shir-Ava only saw her at night when she was sent back to the dirty, old slave shacks where she lived. She was a few years older than her and soon became the closest thing she had to family, having raised her from the day she hatched. She was like a big sister, teaching her many things like how to read, write, and dance, as well as how to steal and be sneaky. That's why the two of them always got better food than the other slaves.

The dank and morose shack she lived in for so long became the only place she felt safe. It was where Ahdanji would watch over her and tell her stories. Some of the stories Shir-Ava was told were of the Aedra and Daedra. Shir-Ava always wondered why the Aedra would never help her and the other slaves. She did know one thing though, it was no doubt that thanks to the Daedric Prince, Namira, that she had such a nice and safe shack to escape from all the terrible slave masters. Shir-Ava may not have ever known what worship was, but she thanked Namira every night before curling up next to Ahdanji. She loved that shack because it was the only place she could escape Gadave. He was the Dunmer mage that owned her. He used her in his cruel experiments, and if she ever disobeyed or disappointed him, she was beaten or tortured. Many of the scars she wears came from this man, burns, lashings, and cuts alike. But that wasn't the worst of it. Gadave was a pedophile, and Shir was the perfect target for him. He would always use potions to put her to sleep before he violated her, but one day, they stopped working. Shir-Ava's immune system started kicking in, and the poison was loosing its effect on her. When she woke up in the middle of the act, she panicked, and of course he beat her for it. She was still just a child, not even older than 6, and far too young to understand just what happened. Ahdanji explained it to her when Shir ran back to the shack that night, and from that day forward, Shir was never the same. She seemed more, mature, and malevolent. She always hated her slave masters, but after that incident, there was no going back for her.

One day when she was seven, Alammu told her his family planned to sell her and she had to run away. He set her free that night and said they would see each other again some day. She didn't even have time to say goodbye to Ahdanji. From that point on she was forced to use the skills her big sister taught her, by stealing to survive with nowhere to go. She roamed around trying as hard as she could to survive off of scraps and whatever she could get her hands on. She was eventually taken in for a short while by a Dunmer hunter living in Ald'ruhn. His name was Balam, and he gave Shir-Ava her first pair of cloths, as well as a sword and bow. She could never use the bow, but she loved her sword. Balam was no master swordsman, but he taught Shir all she needed to know about hunting. It was thanks to Balam that Shir-Ava didn't lose all hope on the Dunmer race, and that she could continue her journey out of Morrowind. She soon found herself crossing the border into Skyrim, a place Ahdanji told her many stories about. She was looking forward to seeing the white sands the most.

She wasn't in Skyrim for very long, before the freezing temperatures chilled her blood. She almost died traversing those lands, but through some miracle or her shear will, she made it through. Later that year she found a camp next to a cave in Eastmarch with nobody near by. She could smell the skeever roasting on the fire and took no time in devouring it and warming her body. Not even a couple of minutes later however, she was surrounded by bandits, the cave wasn't empty after all. Skeever still hanging out of her mouth, she backed up a bit. Before one of the men could strike her down, the bandit chief stopped him. He was a wise old Nord man named Fjolfr. He must have seen something in Shir-Ava, whether it was the scars or the icy look in her eyes, he knew she was special. He walked up to her and reached out his hand, resting it on her forehead. She bit him, ready to defend her food. He smiled, then laughed a deep hardy laugh. He said she should come with him and she could have all the food she would ever need.

Fjolfr took her in as his own and soon became a father figure to her. He had her train to fight with a bow and short swords, though she was terrible with bows. She was never strong enough to use axes, maces or the sort, she was simply too small. But what she lacked in muscle, she more than made up for in speed, and cunning. And at her request, she even got to learn some magic like she had always wanted to from the bandit shaman. She studied magic hardest to be as good as her old friend Alammu some day. She loved Fjolfr, he was strong and kind to his pack. They never went hungry and each night was spent in warmth. Eventually, he let Shir follow them on raids. When Shir saw the first person slaughtered in a village, she was beside herself. She didn't know that this was what bandits did. But it didn't take long for Shir-Ava to get over it. She grabbed her sword, and began cleaving the men and women who ran from the bandits like rabbits from wolves. All her years of repressed anger and hatred finally came out, and she loved every minute of it. The bandit life truly was the life for her.

By the time she was twelve, she had become about as good a bandit as the old man himself. She could hunt, steal, ambush and plan out the best moves for any fight the pack got into. Good thing too because age was catching up to Fjolfr. When he died, she became a bandit marauder and received her tattoos, marking her as a deadly bandit warrior for all to see at only twelve years old. However, she was no mere child. She lost that innocence the day she was born. She helped lead her pack to greatness with an iron claw till she was sixteen. By 2E 580, war was dawning on the land and she grew tired of killing and stealing for bandits. She knew she could do more. A day didn't go by that she didn't think of her old friends, Alammu and Ahdanji. She left the pack without a word or any of her belongings to start her journey. She would have to head back to Morrowind to find her friends. She had many adventures while she was on this journey, but eventually, she found herself back in Eastmarch. She heard rumors that a group of people were hunting down bandits to protect their lands. They called themselves the Brotherhood of Rangers. They were close to where her pack lived, and she wanted to see them in action. She watched as her entire pack was wiped out in mere hours. She was astounded, and the rangers turned to her next. She was a wanted criminal after all, and they were not going to let her leave. But then their leader offered her a chance to survive. She was to join them and help fight in their cause. She did of course, she couldn't say no, it wasn't an option if she wanted to keep her life. But she had another motive to joining them, one she never told anybody. She would use this as a reason to go back to Morrowind, and find her friends, as well as kill Gadave. The brotherhood eventually formed a council to overthrow its leader, who was becoming corrupt, and Shir-Ava was chosen to be among them for her loyalty to the group. Now a council member for the brotherhood of rangers, she fights under the guise of a helpful ranger, when in actuality, she has her own motives, and this guild was just a means to an end.

This is a short blurb on how she joined the Brotherhood of Rangers:

It was 2E 580, Shir-Ava was sixteen now. She had been through a lot, from slavery, to being a member of a bandit pack, to even becoming the most feared bandit marauder in all of Eastmarch at only 12 years old. Yet she grew tired of this life. She grew tired of always fighting the guards of Windhelm, stealing from innocent people to feed her pack, and living the same life day in and day out. So she left, with no warning to her pack. Would they survive as well as they have without her? She did not care.
She was on her way to starting a new life when she heard rumors in an inn of a small group hunting down bandits in the area. She scoffed, they must have been after her pack. She laughed at the thought of this group getting torn apart by her old bandit pack. She inquired as to where she might find this group. After getting her information, she found and stalked them.
Sure enough, they were after her pack. She sat back and watched as they lead the bandits out of their cave. They were taken down in an hour at least. Shir-Ava was aghast! How could this group have taken out her bandits where the entire hold of Eastmarch could not! Was her pack really so incompetent without her? Leaping from the tree she was perched in, she wished to get answers.
As soon as she landed however, she was confronted by a familiar face. A Windhelm guard named Lobo Dunkam pointed his sword in Shir-Ava's face, stating that she was the marauder with the highest bandit in the group. She was already preparing a lightning spell to engage him, when the groups leader, Aradorn, stepped between them. He apologized for killing her family before asking what she would do with the next few moments of her own life. She said she did not care for those bandits, and she wished to know who this group was. "The Brotherhood of Rangers", was Aradorn's reply. "if you did not care for them, maybe you would choose to join us rather than death?" Despite protest from Lobo, Shir-Ava was allowed into the Brotherhood.

2E 582

Shir-Ava is eighteen now, and she had been through a lot. Serving time in the Brotherhood proved to them her ability to plan out the best course of action for any battle, and when the time came to form a council, Shir-Ava was one of the first to be picked, and made Western Tactician. She had found the new life she was looking for, using her powers to aid the brotherhood. The last thing their enemies will see is a dense mist, before they all disappear from this realm...
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I like that picture.

Who controls the Septim crown?
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We do, we do

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We do, we do

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Thanks. Made it myself :)
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Great character, well thought through.

Introductions thread is pinned in the off-topic section. Anyhow, welcome to the forums.

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Finished her final update.
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i guess for a class youre torn between nightblade and sorcerer then
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Great job!!! Lots of layers and emotion!!!

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Thank you, an no, I plan to go sorcerer all the way.
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Shir-Ava is one of my favorite Argonian characters that I've seen by far.

Of course, I could be saying that just because you're my councilor :P
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Nice :D

Long live the Pact, and Death to le Queen
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