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Silver Sun Republic : Daggerfall : PC-NA : PvX: 18+ TS3

Started by Radison
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Style: RP-PvP
Structure: Crowned Republic (Renaissance Venice, Florence)
Comms: 512-slot TeamSpeak 3
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


The Silver Sun Republic is an RP-PvP community that has a long and distinguished history serving as the core element of many larger alliances and nations across several different MMOs including Darkfall Online, Age of Conan, Shadowbane, Mortal Online and Planetside.

The purpose of our guild is to provide immersion as it enhances gameplay and not to hold ourselves back by overbearing structures or processes.

We leverage a lot of US Military experience through our membership base and our working partnership with (community of current and former US Military).


The Republic broken up into several Ministries; Ministry of War, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of State and the Executive Ministry with a focus on a series of tasks or responsibilities.

The Military is broken down into the professional military and the militia with everyone contributing in some way to the fight and the community as a whole.

Citizens of the Republic also have the opportunity to start or join their own Great Houses that further refine the gameplay or style of a given player. Each Great House contributes their own standing military to the greater military of the Republic.

Joint Task Force Viper

Together with we've developed Joint Task Force Viper which seeks to leverage the real world military experience between our two communities. It forms the basis for our involvement in PvP and the civil government structure that supports our military efforts. The focus on PvP and the military element lends itself to streamline the civil structure to ensure that we are effective and flexible enough to respond to any emerging threats.

Past Victories

Silver Sun Republic has developed and contributed to many high profile alliances and nations most notably the Kingdom of Hyperion in which we provided the early Command and Control elements to truly dominate the PvP landscape. Our core group was forced into hiatus due to RL military commitments and Hyperion began to dwindle. Our new integration with will help us employ even more forces on par with our principles of maneuver warfare and flexible control concepts.

In Planetside 2 we've been able to field highly capable forces integrating air and ground assets to provide truly game changing effects. As we develop our own systems and tactics in cooperation with MG we hope to achieve even more impact in the field.
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I'm a recent immigrant to the Republic, but I'm already very impressed by what I've seen. The organization, dedication and open, welcoming interactions I've encountered so far show this is a group dedicated not just to excellence in game, but to having a great time. If you want to join up with a group that's sincerely devoted to it's members, please check out Silver Sun Republic!
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