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Sinister Circus
Sinister Circus

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by ReaperXIV.
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About Sinister Circus
Main The Sinister Six Squads & Rolls
A Mercenaries guild with multiple leaders instead of your basic one leader with too much power is what Sinister Circus is. When i say Mercenaries, im implying that we take on jobs and help people that need it and in return they pay us. Within the guild there will be several individual squads that will be created and led by the people who decide to join. Overall its more of a pack of equal rank and not a basic ranking system.
-you will be able to choose who you want in your squad and your squad name
-there will be a 6 Man Alpha pack know as The Sinister Six, who leads and runs the guild with a voting system
-there will be multiple competitions between the squads within the guild to entertain everyone and test their Strength as a whole Squad or an individual
-there will be An Alpha and Omega to each squad, those two will choose who will be a beta
-we will purchase a building of some sort to call our own
The Sinister Six is the pack of Alphas that run the guild. the reason why there is six of us is because there will be an equal spread of power so things are easily maintained. Any decision made involving the guild will be voted on and in the case of a tie we will then randomly select a different Alpha and ask how he feels about the decision at hand. The Sinister Six will Operate guild meetings and competitions every other day of the week and or adjust to what works best.
Squads consist of one Alpha. That Alpha will choose who is in their Squad and their Squad name. If you joined the guild by yourself than you will be recognized as an Omega. An Alpha's roll is to lead their Squad and speak to one of The Sinister Six on behalf of his Squad when needed to. A beta does not mean that your weaker than the Alpha of your Squad, it just clarifies who the Alpha relies on when it comes to the Squad. The Omega is similar to an assistant and or a voice of power in times of decision making. Any loot that a Squad earns during a Mission (Mercenary assignment) will belong to them no matter the value. Squads will be asked to participate in Squad competitions but do not have to.
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