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Sinurabi, Khajiit of the Snow

Started by Zirik
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Name: Sinurabi
Alias: The Snow Leopard
Race: Khajiit
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Sex: Male
Age: 21 (human years)
Pre-war Occupation: Mercenary/Blacksmith.
Appearance: Snow-white fur with black leopard dots and facial features.
Skills: Sword and shield, Dual wield, One handed swords, Bow, Strategy and Agilty.
Backround Story:
Sinurabi was born in a clan of khajiit previously migrated to snowy lands during the war between the khajiit and the bosmer and, although used to calid temperatures and climate, adapted rapidly giving sinurabi's familly the aspect they have now (or had).

Sinurabi was not purely from this clan though as his mother was a wandering khajiit from Elswyer who died soon after giving birth to Sinurabi. Sinurabi learnt his unique skills from his father Ro'Dar (also known as 'The Saber Tooth') the fiercest warrior of the clan. Ro'Dar died when Sinurabi was pre-adult, yet soon after Ra'Qu, also a wandering Khajiit, was welcomed into the clan. He and Sinurabi were great companions, one could even say father and son. He taught Sinurabi all he knew about hunting, archery and strategy.

One day, at the age of 20 (human-wise) Sinurabi and Ra'Qu returned from a hunting session to find their clan murdered. Before they could react, about a dozen frost trolls came charging out from behind the camps tents. They were able to kill a couple before retreating and finally losing them. Ra'Qu decided to take Sinurabi back to his homeland, Elswyer where once entering was killed (Ra'Qu) by the city guards for previously murdering somebody. Knowing this couldn't be true Sinurabi slit out his claws when a saber tooth tiger suddenly swept in and killed the guards. After this, the saber stared at Sinurabi and fled.

Sinurabi believes that this is a sign, he must not let another companion die under his watch. He will aid his fellow Khajiit brethren in battle!
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Zirik Helbain - Dunmer
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