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Started by Sjad
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Firstname - Sjad
Surname - Bastiel
Title - Mage
Sex - Male
Age - 31
Occupation - Librarian
Faction - Daggerfall
Appearance - As seen.
Personality - Cautious and stern.
Social Background/Backstory - Placed in a stasis by some sudden and unseen magic in the early days of Breton society. Perhaps it was an attack by a dragon or deadra. The magic eventually wore off and now he's reading up on his history.
Best Memory - The arrival of Na-Totambu.
Worst Memory - The surreal moments of realizing how far removed from your own time you are.
Skills - Enchanting, Alteration, Speechcraft
Challenges for the Character - Reconciling political and social difference between his own time and the time he now lives in.
Birthsign - The Lady
Religious Views - The Eight Divines
Politics Views - I'll damn sure not see the Altmer win this battle for the nation!
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