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Skeptic Necromancer Report - Articles

Started by LGAllastair
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Hello folks. Below the link for my articles. The Skeptic Necromancer report is a weekly column I’ll keep about ESO and MMOs in general. Feel free to comment, criticize (constructively please) and add your opinions below.

First article:

- On this article I go over a few subjects discussed on the ESO community as a whole. Here on these forums and on others. I comment on them and add my opinion!

Second article:

- On this article I talk a bit about what player housing is and why I think Zenimax is not including it at launch, I provide arguments as to why this is probably the best way to go about it.

Third Article:

- On this article I go away from ESO a little bit covering general tips for building a PvP community. It is the first part of a bigger guide, second part coming soon. I believe it is particularly useful for aspiring or recent guild leaders, but can be useful for anyone who wishes to join a gaming community.

Fourth Article:

- Part two of the article number three!


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