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Started by Konahrik
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(December 11th 2012, 11:20 AM)Konahrik Wrote: Perking in smithing what you guys think

obvious ones are flat % value increases.

How about perks that give items more durabilty.

Or increased magical resistance

or less dmg taken from power attacks/crits

or shield when blocking causes dmg to attacker.

Throwing out ideas

Some of this falls into different professions, I think. If a smith can grant magic resistance, what would an enchanter do? Make your items glow?

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Also for smithing perk for chances of proccing double smelted ores
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I really like the idea of quality being a factor in material gathering. It makes the idea of the best gear in the game attainable through crafting only a rather enticing one. That way when you get some really rare high quality crafting mats you can get really excited.
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Smithing, for me, was always a good choice for having fun. I just wish they won't change the mechanics that allow you to level up crafting and improving items.
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