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So sick of hearing people talk about GW2

Started by dunmerlover
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GW2 is one of the worst MMOs out there currently. Even the fans of the game think that all the content that is coming out for the game is horrible. If it wasn't for the fact that they don't have to pay anything for the game everyone would have quit a long long time ago. No one wants ESO to become GW2 because if it does, then the game is just going to be a big let down.

Now the second story is B2P games... B2P games are horrible and I hope they are going to get rid of this idea very soon. B2P was designed in direct response to the saturation in the F2P market. Companies needed something to give them the edge over the other games out there so they brought out this concept. In theory it's amazing, but in reality it's horrible and extremely anti-consumer. B2P model games (If they survive that is) get all their consistent funding from 1/3 of the games population. 2/3 of the games population pay nothing for the game and basically are just cheap scumbags having their fun paid for by a small part of the community.

I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on these issues.
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Hey there,

You can read the ongoing discussion about this here:

There have been mentions of things along the lines of what you're saying here as well. Feel free to repost in that topic if you'd like!

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.

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