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Solduiran Long-Finger

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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Firstname - Solduiran
Surname - Long-Finger
title - None
Sex - Male
Age - 20 Years
Occupation - Former Mill Worker, Scholar, Information Broker
Faction - Ebonheart
Appearance - Tall, Lanky, And Pale. Rather thin for a Nord and often teased for it. Slightly scruffy and with light brown hair. Blue eyes like his father.
Personality - Quick to joke around and make light of a situation. Young and a little naïve But when it gets time go he is quick sober up his attitude. Hard working and constantly looking to improve on himself. A bit of a smartass but has the backs of those around him unless they have given them a reason not to. Trusts those around him until stabbed in the back.
Social Background/Backstory - Growing up in Cyrodiil outside of the Imperial City on a Mill with his Mother and Father. His Father a Nord from Skyrim and a former Blacksmith for the Imperial Legion before retiring with his Wife also a former Legionnaire. His mother, an Imperial from the Imperial City, was known for her passion for History. This is something she passed onto Solduiran. In his early years, Solduiran began to reading about Skyrim, The Snow Elves, and Dwemer ruins. He spent time writing stories and exploring the outdoors. When he was ten his father began to teach him to fight. He still keeps his father's great sword. Around the age of Seventeen tragedy struck when his father was lost in a house fire. But no more than a year later his mother committed suicide in the middle of the day while he was at school. With no real idea of what to do Solduiran packed up his few possessions and traveled with his sister Ria to Skyrim in search of work. It would be on this journey he would meet Tari, a Redguard girl going home to Dragonstar. The two would fall in love quickly. Though they would separate soon after arriving at Elihir. Traveling in a group of twelve people they would make it Falkreath. Him and Ria would take up residence with a breton man there named Fulthor. this would last roughly three monthes. in this time Solduiran would discover the power of a magic whistle calling to him an eagle named Talon and later another eagle named Thane. After three months Solduiran and Ria would make their way to Winterhold With the help of a drunk High Elf named Arendrel. It was from here Soldurian would take a carriage ride paid for by Arendrel to Windhelm, where he would stay for a few days. Then with the help of an Argonian dock worker Solduiran would acquire a horse. Eventually, he would arrive in Riften. With no money he would take a job working in the Tavern cleaning rooms. He would move in to a two room home in the Ratway per request of an anonymous stranger. Solduiran would discover what his uncle had been doing as a job. His uncle was known as "Seeker" an infamous information broker. Solduiran would take on the persona and would resume where his uncle left off.
Best Memory - His Fondest memory is when his mother read the books about his family the clan Long-Finger and hearing his father tell stories of Skyrim, and the kiss given to him by Tari.
Worst Memory - Loosing his mother in the Mill fire. The lose of his father also weighs upon him, but he still misses a Redguard girl named Tari the most.
Skills - He is a pretty good at selling things in barters and also has a bit of experience picking locks, swinging great swords, and hunting with a bow.
Challenges for the Character - Knowing that he must fight he is still reluctant to do so. He would be much more content reading and finding out new things then he would fighting other people. He also struggles with his strength and body image. Teased about how small he is he tries to prove his strength and honor.
Birthsign - The Tower
Religious Views - Doesn't think much of religion, although he keeps a deep reverence for Akatosh, and Saint Alessia
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