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Solizim - The Remnant Of Trinimac

Started by Zim
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Ebonheart Pact
First Name - Solizim

Sex - Male

Race - Altmer

Age - 134

Occupation - Religious Radical

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Average height for an Altmer, with bright orange/red hair that flows down to his shoulders, and a mustache/goatee of the same color. Due to his use of a great sword, he is a bit more muscular than most of his kin.

Personality - Solizim is a self seeking glory seeker, and that is reflected in his attitude at times. He can be a bit overwhelming in his confidence in battle. He isn't necessarily evil, but his attitudes towards some of the "lesser" races can be a bit demeaning.

Social Background/Backstory -

"Some called us extremists, terrorists even. I call us necessary."

Solizim Elsinor is quite cultured, surprisingly enough due to the organization he was previously engaged with. He spent the better part of 80 years with a secret group who called themselves the Remnant of Trinimac. There he spent countless years wreaking havoc upon the settlements of redguards and orcs mostly, in the name of Trinimac.

Believing that the orcs are an abomination, and a twisted version of what a mer truly is, they sought to destroy them at all costs. History and religion taught them that those who were still loyal to Trinimac became the Orsimer, they disagree and strongly believe that those loyal to him would've kept their true form, even after his downfall.

The Remnant disbanded after their leader died, but those that remain (there are 6 left), still hold a certain disdain towards the Orsimer and are looking to destroy them and anything to do with them or Malacath.

Challenges for the Character - With the dismemberment of The Remnant, Solizim struggles to find a new place in the world. Knowing that he will always be hunted by orcs for the atrocities against them, he has not given up in his desire to face them in battle, but he still looks for a purpose beyond the religious warfare that he took part in.

Religious Views - He recognizes the entire pantheon of the Altmer but particularly looks to Auri-El. Being that Trinimac was his "general" and gave him guidance and help to the original Aldmer in their time of need, he also looks to him for answers and for guidance and purpose.

*This one's a WIP, but I hope to have the rest of him fleshed out soon. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed. :)*
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