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Solonwe Elsinius

Started by DannyBoy
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Okay, first ever post like this, so here goes.

Firstname -Solonwe
Surname -Elsinius
Title -Knight of The Isles
Sex -Male
Race -Altmer
Age -74
Occupation -Footslogger
Faction -Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance -On the muscled side for an Altmer with a height of 7'1". His rose colored hair,kept short, and emerald eyes compliment his rich, golden skin. He has a somewhat contemptuous look about him. In his heavy armor he cuts a valiant figure.
Personality -Solonwe considers himself a warrior and a scholar. He enjoys leisurely activities such as reading and taking strolls through the many city streets and gardens, when not on duty. He enjoys studying other cultures, barbaric as they may seem. He also takes great pride in being immaculate, always finding a spot of dust or smudges to clean off his sword or armor. He tries to be friendly, but he's sometimes prejudiced and assuming to some people.
Social Background/Backstory -Solonwe is the second child of a respectable middle class family in the city of Firsthold. Like his father and grandfather, Solonwe join the city guard shortly after he came of age. He once had the honor of being part of the escort of Prince Naemon during a visit to the city. Solonwe hoped being chosen would help him woo the daughter of another family considering arranging a marriage. Eventually they would marry, and in the fifth month of his wife's pregnancy, he was called away to serve.He tried appealing to get more time, at least until his child was born, but it was denied.
Best Memory - Becoming engaged.
Worst Memory - Leaving his expecting wife, and leaving the isles.
Skills -Heavy armor, block, one-handed, alteration
Challenges for the Character -His training instilled discipline in him and strengthened him, but he's never yet faced an actual life-or-death situation. How much of his training will actually prepare him? How will he act when he sees a group of Nords or Orcs charging him? He also berates himself constantly, especially about leaving his wife,despite it being out of his power. this effects his character and puts strain on his relationships with those he serves with.
Birthsign- The Lady
Religious Views- He acknowledges the high elven pantheon, but was never terribly devout.
Politics Views- The younger races are unfit to rule. The dominion must ensure stability for the good of all Tamriel.
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