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Sorc Build: CC & Sustainability/Survivability

Started by Psionide
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Hi all,

This is my first post on these forums and I thought I would get comments on the build I intend to use - which I hope to use in both PVP and PVE. In general I like to use a consistent build and spellset all the time in order to hone my reaction time and intuition.

I would welcome comments on the build itself, its split to each 'weapon set', and whether I may want to build differently for PVP / PVE.

Race: Dark Elf (don't really care about racials, I just always play DE)
Class: Sorcerer

Weapon Set 1 - CC & Damage
Weapon: Destruction Staff
Governing Principles:

I do not plan on soloing for PVE or PVP. I plan to always have someone else to deal the majority of damage. My role will be to make sure no one is killed outright by being overpowered by too many opponents. I can deal damage by spamming my staff heavy attack and Crystal Fragments, but only if there is no need for CC or healing.

1. Crystal Fragments - Opening move with reasonably high damage and a knockdown effect. It has a 1.5 second cast time, so I prefer to open with this and then use instant case abilities afterwards. I opted not to choose the AOE morph, as in principle I absolutely hate AOEs. I am from an Everquest / Vanguard background mainly, and as a CC class all AOEs tended to disrupt what I was doing for CC purposes. The function for having an 'instacast/zero cost' morph for me fits my playstyle much better. It means if this procs I can either cast the same spell again (free dmg and another 2 seconds of knockdown) or I can cast a high cost damage spell for free when the opportunity presents itself.
2. Restraining Prison - Frontal AOE stun, with residual snare after the stun ends. This would be a very useful spell to control an initial rushed assault by an enemy group. Again I opted out of the damage morph, as I expect to have others in my party tackling the enemies which are caught by my AOE. This also may have useful combination with my Ultimate, where I can totally immobilize, snare, and silence enemies within an area, and my group can eat them up while they are incapacitated. The only way to escape this would be for them to use their CC breaker abilities, in which case I would expect them to all scatter a bit and we can deal with them after they scatter rather then while they were still grouped up.
3. Rune Cage - Single target 'mezz' type spell, which (I believe) heals the target while they are incapacitated. I would use this spell to take a single target out of the fight for an extended time, or force them to expend a large amount of their stamina to use their CC breaker early on in the fight. Depending on the fight, I might use this to lock down a main melee target, which would allow us to focus down their squishies, OR I could take out their healer or caster while we clean up the rest. Another use of this spell would be as an opener even if the enemy seems to be alone, to reveal if he has any hidden allies. If I lock him down and all is quiet, then we can go and kill the single target, but if he has friends, then at least we have him locked down already initially.
4. Daedric Minefield - magical traps. I opted for the additional mines morph. The times when I may use this spell would be before a fight begins (to trap passerbys) or during a fight, in which case I can combo with other CC spells to allow me to wait the short time to arm the mines. I am thinking if I get into trouble it would be a great escape routine to use 'Restraining Prison' (frontal AOE stun/snare), then Daedric tomb to lay traps right in that area (which have time to arm because I just used Restraining Prison), and then change to Weapon Set 2 and use 'Bolt Escape' to get the hell out of there and start to heal up and/or hide.
5. Destructive Clench - staff ability which I will mainly use to kite or keep some distance from enemies. I am unsure whether I will use the frost or fire staffs, but I'm leaning towards fire for the knowckback. Basically if all else fails or they use a gap closer to get me, I can immediately knock them back using this staff ability and then follow up with other CC / damage spells. With the additional stun proc from the fire staff it would give me time to get a 'Crystal Fragments' off for additional damage and knockdown. I also see this being useful to protect my other mages, healers, and archers during a fight, knocking assailants off of them and then following up with a shot of Crystal Fragments to keep them away while we either focus them down or a tank takes control.
Ultimate: Suppression Field - AOE stun, silence, dispel area effect. This spell will be very useful in PVP and can either be used to place over an area of heavy combat to limit the ability of enemy melee users in the thick of things, or I could place it over a group of casters to limit their abilities while we take out their melees. I have opted for the spell resist morph, but may change my mind later. It is unclear whether the healing effects of the other morph option apply only to me, or whether any ally within the field gets healed if an enemy tries to cast. If it ends up being an AOE silence and heal for all within the area, I may go that route, particularly for defending keep doorways and the like. It is also unclear whether it only prevents casting, or also stops spells from entering the field area (which would be really cool!).

Weapon Set 2 - Sustainability / Survive-ability
Weapon: Restoration Staff
Governing Principles:

I want to be able to duo with my brother who will be primarily a dps/tank hybrid. The combination of CC with a bit of healing capability seems like a great support role. I have tried to focus on long duration healing and defensive spells, which means I can actually open with these at the start of a fight, and then switch to my other weapon set and go to CC and dps in the thick of things while my heals are still ticking away. The Survive-ability aspect comes with the conversion of stamina into HP and magicka, as well as mobility spells to get out of sticky situations.

1. Mutagen - 20 second HOT, which converts to an instant heal if target drops below 20% HP. I would intend to throw this on melee allies just before we initiate, to help keep him up. It would be ticking away right from the start. If I am duoing, it seems it would also apply to myself since it hits up to 2 targets.
2. Quick Siphon - instant cast effect on an enemy which heals any ally who attacks them, and heals me for an even more if I attack the target. In tandem with Mutagen, I would open with this spell (I opted for the instant cast version). So at the start of a fight I would throw a HOT onto my allies, and then this spell on a main enemy target which would act like another HOT to my team who are focusing them.
3. Healing Ward - triple combo defensive spell which includes an initial heal, a shield, and then a final heal of whatever is remaining on the shield after 6 second duration. I can use this spell in 2 ways: as an opener on my melee initiator ally for some initial damage absorption (which actually wastes the initial heal component but oh well), and also when trying to escape after using 'Ball of Lightning' (this assumes in the absence of an ally it lands on me, which isn't clear from the tooltip). Choosing to morph into a healing spell rather than a dual shield for myself and an ally means it can be a bit more useful to keep a single target alive if things get rough, with the shield giving a buffer to allow my HOT spells to tick away if I apply them.
4. Ball of Lightning - short range teleport, with stun effect to nearby enemies (it is unclear to me whether the stun applies to where you started or where you land, but I'm assuming it is where you started, meaning it stuns anyone attacking you and allows you to get away). Morph also makes me immune to spell projectiles for 6.5 seconds. I can use this spell as an escape move, which has the added protection against spells after use. If I use it in combo with CC as noted above, I can use it and then either heal up using Dark Conversion or switch back to Weapon Set 1 to do damage to whoever was assaulting me.
5. Dark Conversion - converts stamina into HP and magicka, with seemingly a pretty high recovery rate. If I can get a few seconds respite in a fight to channel it seems I can heal up fairly quickly at the expense of my stamina (which if you've noticed I do not use in any of my ability sets). So stamina would be totally dedicated to: CC breakers, sprinting, and converting into HP/magicka.
Ultimate: Suppression Field - AOE stun, silence, dispel area effect. I honestly haven't found another ultimate spell that seems to fit into my secondary weaponset skill line. Since there is no ultimate associated with my restoration staff, and the other ultimates in the sorc lines are offensive, I have kept my Negate Magic Ultimate for the time being. In practice, in the interest of maximizing my spells available in combat, I may choose to just have another ultimate here even if it doesn't exactly fit my intent for the weaponset.

All in all, I expect to contribute to fights by:
-providing HOTs, lifesteal, and shields to myself and teammates
-providing medium dps to focus targets by using my staff auto attacks and my Crystal Fragments
-provide MASSIVE crowd control in the form of knockdowns, AOE stun/snare, long term single target incapacitate, minefields, knockbacks, AOE silence/dispel

If things get too hot for me or I become a focus target, I hope to survive by RUNNING AWAY! Ideally, I hope I would be able to stay alive if someone starts attacking me by fleeing and then throwing my HOTs, and shields onto myself and maybe getting a few ticks of Dark Conversion in. Then I can continue to kite them using my CC and maintaining my HOTs. In a battle, this would mean I am out of the fight but also means that whoever is chasing me (minimum one person, with potential for more). So at worst I am keeping one enemy occupied while he chases me or maybe a few enemies chasing me while not being able to kill me because of my HOTs, teleport, and CC. So the math actually works 'on par (one for one)' or in favor of my team to win the encounter.

In 1v1 encounters or very small groups, I would hold my own by either chaining together enough CC to kill them before they kill me, or by kiting them indefinitely if they are dumb enough to keep pursuing. I prefer not to engage 1v1 so hopefully I won't be caught in this situation often. it will be very interesting to see the ratio between my Dark Conversion (restoring HP / magicka) and the helaing done to enemies while under my Rune Cage. If I can heal more under DC than they do while under RC I can force a halt in the fight and outscale the healing, and then start up again with a stun spell to outdamage them open breaking the CC.

My gear sets will obviously focus on having high magicka pool and regeneration, but I will likely also try for HP, armor, and resists in order to make sure I stay alive long enough to help my team. If an enemy is able to focus me down before I can control the situation I'm not much use.

Regarding crafting I plan to go with Alchemy and Provisioning, with the thoughts that I can always find / buy actual gear, but in terms of maximizing my group's potential I can greatly improve stats by giving them my consumables to use. This will take two forms: longer term buffs, but also short term (several seconds) enhancements to things like crit chance, etc which can be very useful to power down a certain target.

I appreciate any thoughts on the build and play style, and whether it will be viable for PVE and PVP environments.


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Insane depth on everything, really dwarfed my build

I only quickly scanned over it but it looks like a good build.

Gone to a better MMO, soz guys, it was fun.
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(March 19th 2014, 11:53 AM)Psionide Wrote: Race: Dark Elf (don't really care about racials, I just always play DE)

I particulary like this bit Winking_grinning

Debating with someone on the Internet is like mudwrestling with a pig. You get filthy and the pig loves it
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Nice, well thought out build. It should be very effective. I am going DE with same weapons but focusing more on Storm Calling for class skills. I want to be mobile and tankish to toss out high aoe damage and/or heals. I found I was racking up kills in siege battles by hitting clumps of players with either staff heavy attacks and some lightning. In pve I was regularly soloing mobs and quests above my level (because a couple points in summoning gets you a nice tank from 1-15). I was going to play a templar first but I had a lot more fun playing sorc and I felt the healing with the staff was just as effective as the templar class healing skills.
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