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Sorcerer Questions

Started by yaiie
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Hello everyone,

I've been looking up all the Sorc stuff I could find... With that said I had a few questions...

Can you cast without a weapon? (as a rdps class would it be possible to go weaponless?)

Can you mix / match top tier abilities without going all the way up your tree? Say you went up the right tree could you select the top ability in the middle tree or would you only have access to it by going up the tier tree?

How many abilities can you have access to at one time? The videos i've seen it looks like five?

Do the aesthetics of your abilities change as you level or level the ability?

Any cooler looking staffs' out there?

Thank you!
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You can cast without weapons, you just won't have a basic or strong attack.

There's no left, right, and middle tree. You simply select a skill tab and put points in whatever skill you want, as long as you have the weapon skill and/or level requirement.

You only have access to five skills per weapon slot and an ultimate. So ten skills and two ultimates total. But you can change out skills outside of battle.

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Epic's answers are correct. To address your others:

You can absolutely cast without a weapon. You'll probably want to have a staff or bow skill on your bar and there's no downside to equipping it, though.

Aesthetics certainly change when abilities are morphed (an option between two upgrades when you reach a certain point). Whether they change as your skill value increases, I don't know, but I haven't seen any evidence that they do.

There is definitely a wide variety in how cool staves look. Higher level ones look a lot better.

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