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Sorting System. . yay or nay?

Started by Kilivin
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So, we have all heard of the system which will allow people to say whether they want to play with people over 18, possibly in their 20s, or just have traits that they accept. . etc. I'm kind of curious, from all that I can find on the matter, everyone wants people who are either over 18 or over 21. . So, wouldn't this hurt the younger community in that we might not be able to see near as many players in the game?

Now, I'll probably get the game near its release, which would mean I'll be turning 18 real soon. However, My point is that I feel the idea of sorting people, while a great system, could be a little self-destructive. Because keep in mind, they want a lot of people to get together on a battlefield, and truth is there are probably less younger people playing MMOs to begin with. . so why punish them further for playing by letting people not give them a chance at all?

Idk, I think it is a good idea, but I think it could easily flop and cause a larger separation than connection between players. That being if the questionnaire they speak of isn't both specific in what each players wants, but at the same time. . not destructive to those that get the short end of the stick.
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I doubt they will make a system thats so strict you could end up on your own.

What will likely happen is it will first look for people in the area that are in your guild, next friends list, next people you have played with before, then the choices you have made in your questionnaire, If your choice says you want to play with people above/below 21 and there is no one in the same age bracket you have chosen online, it will just put you with people that chose other similar answers but aren't in the age bracket.

The main priority for the system will be that theres people around to play with, so its very unlikely that your selected age would get in the way of that
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