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Spriggor Treeheart

Started by Spriggor Treeheart
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Birth: Unkown
Death: still alive.
Role: Healer/Conjurer

At birth he was named Zanedal his family spent its time far from other elves deep in the woods.
He lived with his family in a small hut arranged within the roots of a great tree, his mother taught him to respect nature and all that dwell within it.
As time went by he became highly interested in the nature of Spriggans he would sneak into their glades and watch them.
One day he had stayed just a bit longer than normal watching them. By the time he started home it was getting dark. On his way home he was attacked a pack of wolves. He nearly died but before the wolves could kill him they stopped and backed away from him a spriggan stood over him and warded the wolves away.
The spriggan took him back to it's glade and healed him after he was restored to health he left the glade and promised to return and repay the spriggans for their help.
He returned home and was shocked by what he found the wolves that had attacked him had attacked his home and killed all his family.
He returned to the spriggans where they taught him their secrets. He lived with the spriggans for years they taught him how to heal and many ancient magics.
One day he he left the glade to find some of his own kind. He was gone for a year or two before returning to the glade upon returning what he found stunned him a group of Nord lumber jacks had leveled the glade and killed the spriggans.
In a rage he summoned animals from the forest and marched his small army into their camp he slaughtered them and gave their bodies to the wolves.
He weeped for many days and nights his tears revitalizing the burned ground of the glade.
The trees regrew and the spriggans returned upon their return they restored the glade. They rewarded him renaming him Spriggor Treeheart and binding his life to the great tree of the glade giving him immortality in return he promised to hunt down the Nords and destroy them.
He enrolled in the army offering the dominion his skills as a healer and conjurer.

After the war.
At the end of the war he returned to the glade and founded a sanctuary where those who were chosen by nature as he was could come and learn the ways of healing and tranquility. He is still there to this day his life bound to the great tree.
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