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Srassa | A Beheading

Started by Miasmador
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(A continuation from the backstory of Azu Claw, it may get slightly confusing. The whole thing is written from Srassa's point of the, but the text like this are flashbacks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!)

Srassa cried out in pain as she thudded to the floor, the book went flying from her grasp and slid away from her across the floor. She groaned and started to drag herself towards it. Her parents came running at her cry, gasping as they saw her lying there on the floor. Once she was back in her bed they started to fuss over her, muttering to themselves as if she was a deaf as well as a cripple. "We really need to get sides to this bed so she can't fall out." Her mother nodded and leant across to kiss Srassa's cheek.

The house of Khahir was a powerful one, their grandmother was said to help Queen Ayrenn. And house Khahir was now an angry one. My grandmother had killed one of their sons who was trying to break into our house, they wanted the whole family killed, and their only daughter, me, imprisoned. They were powerful enough to do it, and they had the means to do so. I was twenty years old when we were imprisoned, and I was still unable to walk.

Brassi Khahir desperately fiddled with the lock, twisting it and turning it as the footsteps grew nearer. He had to get into the house, he had to. Another one broke, and he took out his last lockpick. Success, there was a click and the door swung open silently. He crept inside, disappearing into the shadows. Srassa peered out of the window, nodding at her grandma and mouthing, "He's gone inside." Her grandma stepped lightly into the room, surveying the shadows for any sign of the khajiit. Srassa her a loud bang, and her grandma reemerged, a body slung over her back. The body of the dead Khajiit Brassi Khahir, son of Jo'Rikr.

I knelt in my cell, facing the small window, my only window. "Mara, please protect us, we never did anything wrong, we didn't do anything. Stendarr, please, take mercy on us, I swear by the Eight we will change our ways, we will worship you, we will do anything, just please! Take mercy." I muttered under my breath, but evidently they fell on deaf ears. Nothing but the wind whistling through the iron bars of my window answered me. I felt hands on my shoulders, they were pulling me up and I was lifted off the ground. It was a tall khajiit, who, despite his size was struggling to carry me. Now twenty I was taller than him, or would have been if I'd been able to stand up. I whispered to the old khajiit, who seemed to take pity on me slightly, "Where are we going." He looked down at me sadly. "I'm sorry, Srassa, khajiit. I'm sorry."

A loud bang woke Srassa up, to be followed by yelling and a door slamming. Srassa used the bars they had installed to drag herself out of bed and towards the door, pushing it open and creeping towards the stairs. When she reached the large flight of stairs she put her legs in front of her and slid down towards the large hall where her family stood in a huddle. They used hushed voices, and were very evidently angry, but Srassa could see that her mother was not there. As soon as her father saw her he ran over, scolding her for getting up without getting them to help. Srassa scowled and batted his large paw away, "Father, I'm eighteen years of age, not twelve! Tell me what is going on, now!"

I stood in the crowd watching my family line up in front of me. My hands were tied behind my back and there were guards either side of me to make sure I didn't try to run. The executioner was grinning, and I could feel tears running down my face making my fur wet. Jo'Rikr Khahir stood on the top of the platform, opening his mouth to address the crowd. "These people slayed my only son in cold blood, and hid the body. These people represent the very soul and heart of evil. It will do good to the world when they have been killed, so do not weep, do not wail, for they have deserved it! May S'rendarr have mercy on them." He looked as if he expected a round of applause, but the crowd was silent. Sullen.

Srassa was roughly picked up by her father. "You do not demand anything of me little one!" He roared at her as he carried her up the stairs. "Your grandmother will come to help you pack your bags when we are finished." Srassa scowl deepened as she was dumped roughly on the bed. Her father walked out of the room, calling back, "Don't you DARE come downstairs without permission again." After half an hour of glaring at the ceiling and listening to the shouting from downstairs Srassa's grandmother appeared with a strained expression on her face, as if she was about to cry. "Come on sweetling, lets get your stuff packed." She proceeded to stuff all the fur clothes into a bag, ignoring the silks and jewelry. Srassa stayed silent until she was done. "Where are we going?" Grandma sat down on the bed solemnly, "You know I killed the Khahir boy? Yes. Well, the Khahir family will be very angry once they find out, and they will find out. We're leaving Elsweyr so we can be safe." I nodded and sat up, hugging my grandma as tears welled in our eyes.

My granddad walked forwards, stiff and proud, with his tail swaying gently. He knelt down and put his head on the block. Everyone seemed to hold their breath and time slowed down. The executioner lifted the blade high above his head and swung the blade towards the old khajiit's head. I could see the dried blood on the blade, could hear the wind singing as the razor sharp blade cut through it. There was a thud and the weapon hit the khajiits shoulders. I watched as his face contorted into a mask of pain and blood gushed out from his body. The executioner tried again, hitting the head instead. Third time lucky, the head was severed from the savaged body and quickly. The crowd erupted into disrupt, screaming and shouting. The line of guards held them back and Mother was led forwards. I screamed and tried to run forwards, but the guards caught my hands and held me back. As the blade swung towards her head I turned and slammed my skull into one of the guards. He fell, but the other had his cudgel out. I turned just in time to see it swinging for my forehead. The world went black.

Srassa sat on her Mothers back, grasping onto her fur as they ran from the town. They had gone a mile running without a stop and suddenly the granddad knelt down, panting. "I can't do it, I just can't. Go on ahead. I will be safe. Don't worry." grandma turned back with father and mother close behind them. "We will not abandon you, we can rest for a while." Srassa stayed on her mothers back as they rested, burying her face into the thick fur. In the distance a fiery arrow flew into the sky and her family watched it go. "They've found the body, we have to keep moving." They were about to proceed when another arrow flew into the sky a meter ahead of them. It was only then that they saw the hundred troops surrounding her family. Her mother gave a cry and desperately they plowed through the troops in an attempt to escape. But eventually skill was beaten by numbers. Srassa, and her family, were captured.
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