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Starting a guild??

Started by joecharts
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Yea, just how to make a guild

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Go to the guild page and there's a button that says add your guild.

I just did that though and filled out the info and submitted, but the page redirected before I could read it. I haven't heard anything else about it and can't find any indication in my profile, should I resubmit it or does it take a while?
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@Joecharts Here is the guild area:

@Thesavageslayer It may be possible it wasn't approved, please read this section for tips on how to submit a guild:

I just looked yours up and it's still in the queue, please be aware the guilds are approved by hand so it will not be automatic and may take a few hours. Thanks!
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if you want to go one step further, any good guild needs a good website behind them, we use the enjin platform as its really easy to use and gets a proffesional look to your community

Enjin - Guild Solutions

theres also which lets you get some little pieces of code to add to your community site, hope that helps also, if you need any advice on how to alter themes or customise the enjin site and or modules just PM me and ill gladly talk you through it.

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