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State of ESO PvP (potential new player)

Started by Shokuru
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Hello everyone,

I’m going to buy myself a new computer and with it, probably, the ESO game. As I am a big fan of PVP, I’d like to know what it’s like in ESO.

I’ve mostly played PVP in WoW and GW2 out of which I liked the WoW PVP the most.
GW2 structured PVP wasn’t rewarding and the zergs in WvWvW were not fun for me (especially because at the time, I didnt have a fast enough pc to support it).

So,… How is ESO PVP?

As far as I understand it, it is similar to GW2 WvWvW? Is it only possible to make a difference in zergs? or can you make a difference on your own or n a small group?
Is it rewarding?
Is it, somewhat, balanced? Classes, races,…
How about the three factions? Does this really matter? Is this balanced? Is one facton over populated or are they equal?
Is it easy to swap ‘specs’?
Are multiple specs viable per class?

BTW, I’d be playing on PC. Can PS4, XBOX and PC players play together?

Please reply to these questions and/or with any information you can think of regarding the state of ESO PVP.

Thanks alot,
We might meet in-game soon!
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