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Stats on additives?

Started by Riptose
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Now it has been confirmed that additives will make crafted items better. My question is, will they have stats on them like an SWG style? For example 0-100 extra damage on normal/power attacks. We all can only hope this is how they will approach the crafting/looting system being equal this way.... and I'll explain why I think they should.

Social Immersion/Interaction

Their is nothing better than a true crafter or PvP'er that hates to PvE, and a true PvE'er who hates crafting or PvPing, bartering over a price for there wears. This happened too many times to count when I played SWG as a true crafter. People will naturally become "hunters" for specific kinds of additives/loot to sell on the market or to there favourite crafter. With being able to put your name on the items you craft, like how Paul Sage said in this interview, "the little things matter to crafters, like putting your name on items you can craft" Paul Sage Interview. If they make it so that everyone can (pvp'ers, pve'ers) loot these additives, then we just might have an interesting economy ahead of us!

The Need for Loot

If, and only if these additives can be looted in adventure zones, dungeons, random encounters, chests, NPC's, even PvP, will this system work. It will create a a strong demand for people who love to go on raids (I know there are non at launch) to get these "higher stated additives" for the crafting community. It will give the person a sense of awe!!!! You just looted a 94 to attack damage additive and that is worth big $$$$$ to a specialized/master crafter. If your a person that can use that additive to craft a weapon you will want more additives of the same stat.... 94, 89, 97 to attack damage (not sure on how many additives we can add or if they will even stack but it sounds like we can add multiple additives). This will give the crafters a sense of awe!!!! Look what I can make this time and I'm going to name it... Riptose!!!

With that being said, an economy is born! Looters "want" the loot and crafters "need" the loot to supply the "demand" to the people. It's called supply and demand.... Simple economics but in a game it's called social immersion.

That is why I think there will be stats on the additives.


I think we will all Benefit from this type is system right from immersion, social interaction, PvE loot whores too PvP warlords all wanting the best items in the game, all generated from PvE, PvP and Crafters working together.

Now I see this system as being close to flawless but what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree? How deep can the TESO crafting system go? How deep do you want the TESO crafting system to go? Red pill or blue pill anyone?

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