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Steam Topic

Started by Nightwing
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Skyrim Legendary Edition has finally reached the steam summer discount sale and it's about 45$. I'm really excited about this, and i wanted to know... What are you looking to buy during the huge discount?

Why did I have to be THE DRAGON BORN ? :c
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Oh man, Skyrim Legendary was in Community Choice the other day and I snagged it at $36 bucks. The long wait was well worth it.

I got most of what I wanted so I'm pretty good. I wish I had gotten Bioshock- I hear it's good.
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Changing question to what I got, everything on my wishlist:

Bioshock 1,2 and infinite
Skyrim legendary edition (had it on 360 but wanted PC version for mods)
Metro 2033
shogun 2 total war DLC rise of the samurai
Call of juarez gunslinger
Portal pack (1&2)

Then I got a few goodies for retro respect:
GTA vice city
Abes exodus and Abes oddessy (class games)
Fallout 3 GOTY
Worms revolution

A few extra DLC for Shogun 2 total war
A copy of Bioshock infinite for a giveaway

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Zeymah Of The Bromlokiir
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