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Stonefall 2E 574 open RP

Started by KerChing001
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this role play is 100% open for anyone that wants to join hopefully I see you here

The year is 574 of the second era I am in Morrowind with the hopes to rebuild my clan, but I am also look for people to help me with this search.

I stand at the base of ash mountain holding a sign that reads (clan members wanted) I sit waiting, watching as people pass both men and mer alike. They all stare, or yell insults like blasted animal, or just throw rocks or anything thy can find but still I wait.

I woke up this morning with that old feeling of need, the need to hunt. I had promised myself after I had found the knowledge to live off the ash I would never kill an innocent again, but to day was different. In my wandering I came in contact with a hunter he said hello, and I feel a surge "we are in the middle of nowhere no one will know and if he is found they will just think it's an animal attack so I began to change. I could feel the wire-like hair force it's way out of my skin, my teeth grinding as they changed shape I could see the terror in the mans face as I lunged at him. He almost got away, but it was to late. I retreated to my camp I could feel the regression start and I thought soon I will have someone to hunt with.
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