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Stor Cold-Heart

Started by cyfiawnder hiraethus
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Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname - Stor
Surname - Cold-Heart
Title - None
Sex - Male
Race - Nord
Age - 36 when the war starts
Occupation - Sellsword
Faction - Only allegiance is to himself and those who pay him to kill things.
Appearance - Tall (6 feet, 7 inches) and muscular, gravely voice. Long locks of curling brown hai, and a bushy beard. Wears scaled armor, with added fur sleeves when it is cold. Wields a finely sharpened steel battle-axe.
Personality - Very masculine, sees sadness and love as weakness. Gets a thrill from slaughtering his enemies.
Social Background/Backstory - When Stor was a young lad all was good and happy. They were a happy Nord family living in Skyrim. His father would take him and his older brother hunting with the bow and arrow, how to sneak up on the prey and how to shoot it, and bring glory and honor to their village and family, including his mother and baby sister.

Not only that, but his father taught him how a true Nord wields a battle-axe, and as great as his father was at teaching, Stor was even better at learning by himself.

But these things never last do they? The last survivor of some sort of murderous rampage against his family? No, nothing so violent. His brother, an adult at the time, had gone out to hunt for the game that would feed his family. That day, as if by some cruel twist of fate, Stor came down with a fever, and his father had to take care of him, as his mother was also bedridden with a fever. So, his brother went out alone. An hour later, they were struck with a freak blizzard that lasted until midday of the next day. They went hungry for most of that time. His brother, on the other hand, had no care for hunger, as no one does when they're buried under several feet of snow.

A few days later, Stor's mother died, one part fever, two part heartbreak. His father, devastated. His sister, too young to understand. Stor, on the other hand had his hands full: hunting was now his responsibility, as his father was too grief-stricken and his brother too dead.

Stor was appalled by his father, a man he had once seen as a strong Nord hero, to this shell of a man, no longer capable of feeding his children.

From this Stor learnt that weakness was a result of sadness, and that sadness was a result of love gone forever. Yes, it was from this he learnt that weakness is one part grief, two part love.
Best Memory - Hunting before the death of his mother and brother.
Worst Memory - His father neglecting him and his sister.
Skills - Expert Two-Handed, Expert Archery, Adept Light Armor
Challenges for the Character - Not good with people, sees grief and sadness as weakness.
Birthsign The Warrior
Religious Views Nordic Pantheon, (Ysmir, Shor, etc.)
Politics Views Respects the Skald King for his mighty combat prowess, and for this reason only is in favor of the Ebonheart Pact.
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Pretty cool!

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