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Storm Ravens
Storm Ravens

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Streiter.
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About Storm Ravens
Main Current members
Storm Ravens

Guild Goals: Organized PvE raiding, Roleplaying, Possible PvP if we have enough interested
Recruitment: Selectively recruiting
Leadership: Streiter
Voice Server: Mumble - Required


We are a small guild for the game Elder Scrolls Online, don't let this persuade you, we plan on growing. By bringing in old friends and new friends, to create a solid, enjoyable community for each other. We hope to laugh, help one another and overall just talk about the game and lore. We don't wish to become some huge guild of 100+ players, we would rather have a small guild that is close knit and enjoyable. We wish to choose quality over quantity, so we will be there on the battlefield standing strong together, fighting, laughing and roleplaying together.

Storm Ravens is a light to medium roleplay, casual friendly guild with a focus towards endgame PVE content such as high level dungeons and trails. By casual friendly we mean that we aren't looking to turn the guild into job nor do we wish to force roleplaying, PvP or rushing levels onto others. We realize that our members have lives, friends, loved ones and jobs outside of the game and are accepting of those who wish to keep the game as just that: a game. Trails will most likely be kept to a 2 day a week affair for those who are interested in that aspect of the game, and guild events such as roleplaying, trails or pre-made PvP will never be mandatory, but encouraged.

By light to medium roleplay we mean that we want to create a welcome environment for roleplayers of all levels. From the beginner who is just trying it out, or the player who may enjoy some light roleplay between hunting skeevers to the dedicated story tellers and character purists.

Storm Ravens based in West coast of North America, however we are accepting members from all different time zones. We are looking for mature members 18+, exceptions may be made for those who are under 18 that can prove themselves to be mature.


We are still working to obtain this goal. We have a solid player base, with a handful of veteran ranks, we await for more of our players to achieve veteran rank or more veteran ranks players to join us. Once we have the numbers, we will do our best to see about managed gear of those who wish to take place in the trails. When we are ready, we will bring the storm to the door steps of the trails!

> Desire to Succeed!
> Age 18+
> Must be able to use Mumble
> Must be motivated to insure your character is raid viable


The Akaviri invasion came upon the lands like a plague. Slaughtering villages and small armies alike. As this war raged on, covering the lands in blood and rot. One group used the the blood as their temper, the rot and slaughter as their fuel. Rising up from what seemed like nowhere to aid their nations in this great conflict. At first it was realized that this group was composed of the men and women that had lost much from the Akaviri, and many laughed thinking they would soon be wiped out as a pathetic mercenary band. But as the war continued this group seemed to only reach victory, and continued to grow from others who had loss, those seeking glory, victory, fortune and fame.

Wasn't long before this group was recognized as a fearsome force to be reckoned with, being paid more and more as they only met battle with success. In time they became an omen. As their members would suddenly appear in a village or city over night, the people would know that a battle was soon to come their way. This is how the group was named. Storm Ravens. For band of mercenaries they have but one true rule. The Ravens are family, be loyal, helpful, never leave behind or betray your own.

Among enemy lines there are whispers of the Storm Ravens, though very few survivors ever make it out from their attacks. These rumors are spread from what the Storm Ravens leave behind. Bodies drained of blood, corpses looking as if they had been feasted on by beast. Stories of claw marks left in armor and the earth, fang bites found on victims. But these are just stories, whispers that should not be heeded, possible rumors spread to grant fear into the enemy.... though sometimes all rumors carry some root of truth.


Interested individuals are expected to visit our website and learn more about us or contact an officer. Questions can be asked via email, with the enjin website through PM, or catch one of our members in game. Once an application is submitted we would very much like to speak to prospective members in Mumble just to get a better feel for each individual that text-only just cannot provide, to see how well our personalities mesh. This is not always the case, so chatting some in game is always acceptable. We are also looking into conducting initiation interviews for roleplayers that take place in character so it feels smoother story wise on how your character became a Raven.

To submit an application, you must register with the Enjin website, which should be in the upper left hand area of the home page. As you are registering it should have the application on the same page. Read our Rules and Guidelines for the guild and fill out the rest. From there we will either have you join mumble and chat with us or group up with you in game and talk some, also give us some time, shouldn't take forever but we have a ruling of having at least three officers over look the application.

Officers and Leaders you an contact.
Leader: @Streiter, @BaconWizard, @Avinn, @Delzoune and @ZombieSniper
General - Streiter

Colonel -

Major -

Sergeant -

Corporal -

Captain -

Raven -

Private -
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There is plenty of knowledge and support from the guild. Generally if there is something you need help with you can get it by asking.
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