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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Hydrofox.
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About Stormcrown
Main The Guild's Lore Principles
This will be a guild for PC. It will be a Moderate/Hardcore leveling/raiding guild.

I will have the guild divided into three sections. One section will be for those who love PVP. The second will be for those who love questing and third will be for those who love Raiding. Each member can be a apart of any and all 3. However, once you have committed to a role you must remain committed.

The PVP section will be used to keep our guild relevant in Cyrodiil. The Questers will have ranks set up, so that more experienced people can group-to-aid new recruits with questing. All the while enjoying our bonuses from the PVP section doing their job. The Raid team will be as all raid teams are. Scheduled, organized and lead with constructive leadership.
The Lore:
We were the mysterious guild who called themselves Stormcrown who conquered Cyrodiil in 2E 598.
We were referred to as the Army of Talos, which is why we secretly called ourselves Stormcrown.

Tiber Septim years later will give his name to the lineage of Cyrodiilic Emperors, the Septims. Tiber will then be revered as one of the Nine Divines under the name of Talos,[3] which means "Stormcrown". Its a subtle tribute to our secret and powerful guild.


The Stormcrown Interregnum was a seven year period of time in which the Elder Council fractured, leading into years of ruthless in-fighting, plots and backstabbing. It began with the murder of Potentate Ocato, and during this time many tried to claim the Ruby Throne.
Most were pretenders to the crown, a few had legitimate claims, and others still were little more than brutal dullards who thought mere strength of arms was all the entitlement they needed. The Stormcrown Interregnum was finally ended when a Colovian warlord by the name of Titus Mede seized the crown.,_Vol._IV
The backbone of what makes a team great is the ability to have everybody focused on their own individual tasks, so that as a whole, an overall shared objective is completed. I expect that all guild members who join Stormcrown will adhere to common sense social practices, have team camaraderie, contribute, and maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy.

As the GM:
I will be setting up IRC's for our guild as well as ventrilo channels for those who want to talk.
I will have a full website designed for our guild and ready to go.
I will offer prizzes and challenges weekly/bi-weekly that will keep things fun.
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